ZabaSearch is a people search engine that gives you full freedom to search any people by name address, or phone number in US. You can search any people by name or phone number in the US without any registration. Only you have to enter person name, phone number, or address in the search bar.  It has advanced search engine feature that allows you to find people by state, city, birth, year and people’s middle name

Middle name
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Zaba people search allows you to send a public message for someone, and also you get an email alert when you search for other people. You have to connect with Facebook for premium search.

How Can I find someone on Zabasearch?

You just need to enter last name and first name of the person you are seeking for. You can mention state, but it’s optional. Currently, you can look for peoples from US-based using this people search engine.

You will get search results including information such as address, ZIP code, Phone number, Month of birth, etc.

How does zaba search get your information?

Zabasearch is people search engine; it does not host their content. It simply shows the search result based on what it finds from the internet. It shows information what it can access from publically available information. They don’t have any secret database or sensitive information. Mostly it shows information based on what they find from the phone directory, social networking sites, information listing sites & records cache.

How can I stop Zabaserch showing my information?

If you are worried about your privacy, you can definitely restrict your information from being searched on Zabasearch. You can use Zabasearch blocking option, which allows you to do so.

However, it does not completely prevent your information, as you might have shown some information that is publically available. E.g. you have set your Facebook profile information accessible to the public so that anyone can look into it. You should be careful and utilizing common sense while you use the web, to keep your information private.

The Zabasearch is the most popular websites for searching people in the USA. It also provides search filters like state search filter for your convenience. The Zabasearch also provides a premium searches. In the premium searches, you will get accurate details about the people with the Phone number, Address, Email address, City, Town, State, and much more about the person.

How to use Premium service for Free on ZabaSearch

To access Premium Searches on ZabaSearch website, only you have to log-in with your Facebook Account. That’s all,  After logging via Facebook Account on ZabaSearch. You will get the full access to use all premium services on

Now follow this steps to get all premium services for free

Step 1: Open on your Web browser
Step 2: Now scroll down to “ZabaSearch Premium section.”
Step 3: Now click on “Connect with Facebook” button to login with your facebook account.
Step 4: Now type your Facebook Login details to use premium services on ZabaSearch

Features of

#1.  White Pages

Whitepages is the first feature of ZabaSearch which allow you to search people only by Name or State.

Only you have to type Name of people that you want to search with ZabaSearch, then choose State from the drop down menu. After typing name or choosing State, click on “White Pages” button to start searching.

#2.   Reverse Phone Lookup

The Reverse Phone Lookup feature allows you to find person’s name and address. With the Premium Reverse Phone Lookup, you can search people’s Name, Address, Home, Town, and much more.

But the free reverse phone lookup feature allows you to find only Name and Phone number. The Reverse Phone Lookup feature is very easier for landline numbers. You will also get more information about mobile phone numbers with the Reverse Phone Lookup feature.

#3  ZabaSearch Advanced

In the ZabaSearch, you will get the advanced search features for a perfect result. The Advanced search result allows you to find complete details about the person like Name, Phone number, Email Address, home address, City, Town, and much more.

To search any person details using the advanced search feature, only you have to type First name, Middle name, last name, City/Town, and State. After this, click on “ZabaSearch Free People Search” button to complete search action. Now you will get the perfect results.

Feature of ZabaSearch

  • White Pages for searching people by Name
  • Reverse Phone Lookup search bar for serving person by phone number
  • Zaba Advance Search for search people by Name, Address, Last name, City, Town, and state
  • You can send public message to someone by name
  • No, any registration required
  • You can search people without paying any cost

Zaba Result

What You Get with Zaba Result

  • You will get telephone numbers and addresses revealed for free.
  • Instant Results without registration
  • More three times residential listings than white pages phone number directory.
  • Search anyone for free of cost without any charges
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Zabasearch Premium search feature has more latest and up to date people information on the premium search. You don’t have to anything for seeking information on zabasearch.

For this feature, you don’t have to pay anything for premium service, but only you have to log in with your Facebook account. It is simple and easy to use.

Just logging in with your Facebook account and start using a premium feature.
Visit ZabaSearch.