You might have observed on Google Search engine results page that some of the post would have star rating, voting or reviews along with breadcrumbs & review by author name etc. Sometimes you see author’s picture besides search results. Most of the peoples are knowing that its Google Authorship showing on search results page if author’s picture is available on SERP. But how to add star rating, review by author on search engine results page? Well, here in this article we will discuss about the same.Everyone should consider while optimizing blog for Search Engine or while applying SEO techniques on blogs to get effective results.

WP Social SEO Booster - Knowledge Graph Social Signals SEO
WP Social SEO Booster – Knowledge Graph Social Signals SEO

First of all little introduction about it. What is that thing that make our blog’s results on SERP like that. Its everything about , webmasters can use to markup their pages in ways recognized by major search engines. Search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex rely on this schema markup to improve the display of search results, making it easier for people to find the right web pages.

Google Rich Snippets (Microdata) Integration - Automatically implements the Rich Snippets Tagging for all of your Content.
Google Rich Snippets (Microdata) Reference

Here is another example of that google search engine results page for the usage of schema. If you own WordPress website, you can implement the same on your blog. There are different different meta tags used for Creative Work, Book, Movie, Music Recording, Recipe, TVSeries. Embdeded non text widgets like AudioObject, ImageObject, VideoObject or Organization,Person. It can also be Product, Offer, Aggregate Offer, place, review etc.

WP Social SEO Booster is WordPress Plugin specially designed to add such markup on your post to make your blogpost’s SERP visibitliy.WP Social SEO Booster adds Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Card and Google Rich Snippets (Microdata / to your WordPress blog to boost your blog’s search engine visibility. So after adding that plugin you can start using it effectively.

How to use WP Social SEO Booster to boost SEO Ranking:

  • Go to WordPress & download WP Social SEO Booster plugin & Extract it into your plugin directory.
  • You can also install it from your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search for WP Social SEO Booster & install it.
  • After installing it, you have to setup WP Social SEO Booster to use it effectively.

WP Social SEO Booster - SEO Setting

You will see general setting, performance setting, open graph setting, Google Authorship Markup Setting, star rating setting and flush rating.

General setting will consist of delete option, hide admin bar menu & disable content scanning. If you wish to remove all markup and options from your database when you deactivate or remove plugin. It is not recommended. On top admin bar, you will see WP Social menu, but you can remove that entry by checking that option. When you install the plugin, you would

General & Performance Setting of WP Social SEO Booster
General & Performance Setting of WP Social SEO Booster

On performance setting you will see cleanup header, that will clean up your header. Dashboard wideget is not recommended by me. You can check box HTML5 boilerplate .htacess , if you want to add the HTML5 Boilerplate optimized performance entries to your site’s .htaccess file. This will also add a bit more of security to your site.

On next setting option, you will see options to fillup the data. if you want to keep this default for all post, you can fillup here or there is seperate entry for each post on post page.

Facebook Open Graph
Facebook Open Graph

Next step, you will see Google authorship markup setting. Choose homepage author and add Google plus publisher URL. If you are owner of the blog, it is recommended to add your own Google plus author URL there.

Google Authorship Markup Setting
Google Authorship Markup & Star rating Setting

You can set star rating shown on homepage, post page, it’s placement like setting from star rating setting.On last option about flush rating, it is not recommended but you can flush all previous rating from post and pages if you want to setup with new start.Now you have done.

Now whenever you are posting new post, you will see WP SEO booster setting option and star rating option on your post dashboard. You can choose placement of that star rating on your post, with animation, unique rating option.

WP SEO Booster & Star Rating Post Page Setting
WP SEO Booster & Star Rating Post Page Setting

WPSocial SEO Booster option includes open graph, review, product, business, people, recipes, software, video and event markup.So whenever you start writing about product review, you can choose review from the tab, if you are writing about software, you can choose software from the menu. If you are writing about people, you can choose accordingly.

After publishing your post, you can check it at Structured Data Testing Tool and enter URL of your published post and click on preview. It will show you the result. Here after publishing this post, I am attaching screenshot for your reference.

Working WP Social SEO Booster
WP Social SEO Booster – Boost SERP Visibility with Microdata

If you are already using this plugin and quite impressed with it, it has pro version with advanced features. If you have never tried it before, I would recommend you to try free version at first and once you like it, you can upgrade to pro. WP Social SEO Booster Pro version cost you $47 but you will get it at discounted price at only $37.

WP Social SEO Booster Pro features:

  • Works with posts, pages and any custom post types
  • Support for all Twitter Card types
  • Includes Social Sharing Buttons
  • Support for all Open Graph tags
  • Integrates the Google Itemprop meta tags
  • Includes Google Plus Interactive Posts Button
  • Adds Twitter Card Product Type markup to WooCommerce products automatically
  • Adds Open Graph Product meta tags to WooCommerce Products automatically
  • Adds the in-depth Article markup to all posts automatically (can also be deactivated)
  • Google Authorship for multi authored blog.
  • Get WP Social SEO Booster pro from