Most of the time we need to cleanup & optimize WordPress database to maintain WordPress blog performance.If your blog is taking too much time to load, you will need to install some WP plugins to reduce site loading time. If you don’t wish to use it, you will need to clean up and optimize WordPress database from phpMyAdmin. We found awesome WordPress plugin that will help you to perform the same task without phpMyadmin.

WP Optimize - Cleanup & Optimize WordPress Database Without phpMyAdmin

Just like with your computer & Web browsers, WordPress database gets filled with unneeded files like drafts, revisions, and spam comments. Luckily, removing them is a piece of cake.By using WP Optimize plugin, you can easily clean up your WordPress database and optimize it without phpMyAdmin.

Optimize Your WordPress Database with One Click

It shows database needs to be optimized from your WordPress dashboard.All you need to do is just click on database to be optimized and click on process button will start optimizing your WordPress database.

How to Clean Up and Optimize Your WordPress Database

After optimization, you can see the total size of database that has been optimized. Having a smaller database size will help you by loading your site fast. It will also help you when you are trying to backup your database, and it is great when you have limited space on your hosting account.

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WP Optimize Features:

  • Remove WordPress post revisions from database.
  • Remove all spam comments from your database table.
  • Remove unapproved comments.
  • Remove the WordPress auto draft posts.
  • Display Database table statistics. Shows how much space can be optimzied and how much space has been cleared.
  • Rename one username to another username, it’s designed to rename default “Admin” user to something else.
  • Apply MySQL optimize commands on your database tables without phpMyAdmin.

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