WP Backup Plus – Backup Entire WordPress Website With One Click

WP Backup Plus - Full Automated Wordpress Backup
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  1. Pat Drummond says:

    Because wordpress is such a widely used platform, there are always people who will try to hack and break into wordpress sites. I personally use WP Backup plus and as the author points out, it really is as simple as clicking on a button to create a backup. I’ve experience having my sites hacked into and it is not fun. However, having a decent backup solution will help you recover faster!

  2. abhishek says:

    I have used this plugin, it works nicely. I am looking for something that can also restore the backup

  3. imran says:

    Well it is hard to start a blog but once you get it going. it will be easy and lucrative. I don’t enjoy writing much but i hope someday i will.