Most of the time, many bloggers have fear that they might loose their blog data by some hackers, or by mistake deletion by their hosting provider.Recently I moved my entire website from old bluehost account to new bluehost account and I faced lots of difficulty even I had backup. I was not aware of exact way to restore my entire WordPress blog at that time.I had used Backupbuddy to backup and restore my WordPress site, later somebody suggest me about  WP Backup Plus, I had never heard about this before but when I tried it, I thought there are no best plugin to make clone site of entire WordPress blog.

Why Backup WordPress

  • Backup is the most important thing you need to do for security.
  • It’s the only sure fire way to make sure your sites can be saved from any kind of attack because you always can restore the website within seconds.
  • Have backup copy in case of standard server errors, user errors, loss of data, wp issues
  • Gives you piece of mind
  • Clients will be very happy to have you when you “save” their site after a virus, hacker attack with a quick backup installation

WP Backup Plus mainly contains two section that are having its own advantage. First one is setting from where you can choose backing up setting for your wordpress blog. Second one is backup upload and restore, as its name suggest, you can perform backup and restore your site from there.

WP Backup Plus - Full Automated WordPress Backup

How to Configure WP Backup Plus setting for WordPress backup:

General Setting : The set includes various method to backup.

  • Methods option lets you take your backup data to amazon S3, manual backup ,on dropbox or remote/local server of your hosting account.
  • Delete backup option allow you to delete backups older than one month. I would recommend you to check this option as older than one month backup would create load on your server, so you can keep the latest backup for your site and delete old backup by checking this option.
  • Schedule option is most demanded from lots of bloggers as they could not get enough time to backup because of their busy schedule. Scheduling backup will automatically take backup according to your predetermined setting without missing the second.You can set schedule on daily , weekly or monthly basis. Weekly basis schedule would be preferable.
  • Notification option will notify you via email whenever a backup is created via the scheduled process.
  • Notification Email option allow you to add email address where you want to get notified.

Content Setting : Content setting lets you to include or exclude any files/directories from backups.You can manually choose the files/directories to be excluded from backup.

Wp Backup Plus Setting Configuration

Amazon setting:  Amazon Simple Storage Service provides a fully redundant data storage infrastructure for storing and retrieving any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere. Amazon S3 credential to be added there if you want to backup your data online on amazon cloud server.

Amazon setting configuration in WP backup Plus

Dropbox Setting : If you want to backup your entire WordPress site to Dropbox, you have to create new dropbox app from your dropbox account and add secret key & app key in this box to associate dropbox with WP backup Plus.

Dropbox setting in WP Backup Plus

Server Setting: Server setting include if you want to backup your wordpress site on local server or remote server. If you want to add backup files to local folder of your hosting account it will be useful. If you want to add backup folder directly on remote server, you will need to add FTP credentials of your remote hosting account.

Remote backup of WP backup Plus configuration

Compatibility checks everything from your blog as well as from server side.If there are any errors, you will get notified from there.

The second option available for backup and restore.You can perform backup & restore from this option.The previous option was all about configuration and setting of WP backup Plus plugin.

WP Backup Plus Full Automated WordPress Backup

You can choose backup now to make backup of data and after backup, there is option that allow you to download backup to your computer.

WP Backup Plus Features:

  • Backup all files, widgets, themes and almost everything that you need to make replica clone wordpress site.
  • Upload backup to amazon S3, dropbox, remote or local server directly.
  • Automated scheduled Backup Your Site.
  • Include/exclude directories and files from backup.
  • Once click backup & restore.

This is all about how to use & configure WP backup Plus WordPress plugin. If you like this plugin, the plugin cost only $197 USD, but it worth purchase and having it. This plugin will save your time and money when your site is hacked or you loose data bymistake from your server.

You can get WP backup Plus @

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  1. Because wordpress is such a widely used platform, there are always people who will try to hack and break into wordpress sites. I personally use WP Backup plus and as the author points out, it really is as simple as clicking on a button to create a backup. I’ve experience having my sites hacked into and it is not fun. However, having a decent backup solution will help you recover faster!

  2. I have used this plugin, it works nicely. I am looking for something that can also restore the backup

  3. Well it is hard to start a blog but once you get it going. it will be easy and lucrative. I don’t enjoy writing much but i hope someday i will.

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