How much do you know about web browsers? There are so many web browsers, but only a few are there you might know about. Here in this article, we are going to discuss Top 10 web browsers that are used by so many professionals.

To use the internet, the browser is the most important things. It’s the key to open the online world. A surfboard for you to surf online. So it is entirely natural for you to seek the best browser available constantly. There are many considerations to determine the best browser. But if we elaborate all the browser tests available, the most important points to judge the browser are feature, security, speed and compatibility, easy to use, and help – support.

Top 10 web browsers

Here we are going to write an article about List of Web Browsers that are mostly used nowadays. Maybe, you are using any one browser from the list mentioned here.

Mozilla Firefox:

This browser is famous for the best surfing speed, security, and providing exciting features such as private browsing, clear audio, spelling checker, and video mode.

Top 10 web browsers
Web Browsers for Windows

But one thing that makes its fanatics very much loves this browser is the customization, where everyone can customize this browser according to personal needs.

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is very reliable because of its dynamic features, security measurement, seeds, simplicity and various useful functions. The speed is maximized because Chrome is using powerful Javascript machine.

Fastest Web Browser for Windows
Fastest Web Browser for Windows

This browser also provides Chrome Omnibox, the combination of address bar and searching machine, which made it easier to do searching and navigating. On security, Chrome is completed by phishing and malware protection, which can be updated regularly.

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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (IE) was the most used browser in the whole world, and probably still is. To gain its domination, Windows made a lot of effort to boost IE 8 speed and performance.Download Internet Explorer - Microsoft Windows

From the very first version, IE has earned the high reputation in term of stability, and the latest version maintains the reputation just fine. If your browser crashed, instead of closing the browser, IE 8 will only close the crashed tab.

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This latest version of Opera introduced unique features such as interactive voice and thumbnail preview. Users also can customize the browser by adding the erase button, toolbar, and keyboard shortcut.

Opera has a built-in Bit Torrent, so you don’t have to add on separate application for downloading purpose.

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Developed by Apple, Safari Browser gives you exclusive features that you can’t find in another browser, like a preview of your favorite web page, reading list, etc.

Safari was also powered by Safari Readers that will erase all additional ads, especially pop-ups. Most of the affiliate marketers and pros are using Safari browser as their default browsers. Some web developers also prefer Safari as their primary web browser.

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Maxthon is well known because of its rich features and user-friendly interface. Maxthon also provides the ‘drag and drop’ feature where you can easily pull files from and to any applications or web pages. This browser is also reliable in speed and security.

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Avant has become one of the best browsers because it demonstrates some of the cool stuff like tab browsing and zooms functionality up to 500 percent.

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Deepnet Explorer

The most notable features of this browser are its focus to the RSS feed and have robust security for each tab.


This browser is leading in its great look and interface. This flash based browser is also known for its user-friendly characteristic.


This is one hell of a unique browser. SeaMonkey is the all-in internet application, which includes browser, mail client, HTML editor, web development tools, etc.

Here we have reviewed some of the Top 10 web browsers that can be used to browse websites and surf internet. You can check Top 10 Browsers for Windows from this article and let us know your experience with a browser if you are using any of them.


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