Recently while changing some & moving some folders on my Bluehost acccount, bymistake I removed the main folder of this site. I was totally frustrated How would I restore it, because backupbuddy WordPress plugin stores its backup on wp-content/uploads folder and I has deleted folders wp-admin, wp-content and most of the files that was important for WordPress site.

Wordpress site not available

Whenever I was opening my blog ehowportal, it was showing like this. My all databases were completely deleted and I was in tension what about all the efforts of mine for this blog? after that I tried to implement some basic ideas like searching for some old data backup. I found backup for march month, but if I restore it, there will be loss of total 3-4 month time and effort. Finally I remember that I have purchased Site Backup Pro from WordPress while registering and I should use it.

Site Backup & Restore allows you to download and restore system backups. Backups of your files, databases, and configuration settings are created automatically every night. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly backups are stored on our servers. The Pro version adds powerful features that make restoring files faster and more convenient. More info about Pro features.

I have purchased Site Backup Pro but never manually backup even single folder by using this. I even did not know if it has backup downloaded or not. But I used individual files or folders option because only one site got deleted, rest of my sites were as it it.

How To backup or Restore site /Specific folder using Site backup pro:

Sitebackup Pro automatically backup your entire cpanel and almost every folder on daily basis, weekly basis, and on monthly basis. You can also manually backup your site by clicking on backup button. You can restore your already automatically downloaded backup files from your server.

To restore click on restore and choose appropriate option you want. Suppose you want to restore individual files from your cpanel. Click on individual files or folder option from the option.

Site Backup Pro

You will see the following screen like below. Now you can check daily, weekly or monthly backup option depending on your need. Suppose you want to restore one month old file to your server, click on monthly system backup, you will see Bluehost Backup monthwise.If you want to restore backup on daily basis, click on daily system backup.

Site Backup Pro Backup

Once you click on system backup depending on your need, you will see file manager like structure. Choose appropriate folder from the list you want to restore and click on restore link on sidebar. You can also download it by clicking on download link.

Site Backup & restore

The Site Backup and Restore tool is a powerful, friendly interface for creating and restoring backups made of your account’s files,databases, email accounts, email forwarders and filters. The tool provides a way to use either backups we create for you from ourDaily, Weekly and Monthly incremental backups–and also provides a way to download your own backups for files, databases, email addresses, forwarders and filters.

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Site Backup Pro Features:

  • Automatic Backups : Site Backup and Restore tool automatically makes a daily backup copy of your site to help protect you from data loss.
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly : Recover files from long, medium, and short term backup archives, giving you a greater chance of finding the version you are looking for, instead of multiple copies of the same version.
  • One-click Restore : Restore files automatically by replacing current files with the backed up versions. Browse or search to find exactly the files you want to restore.
  • Restore Databases and Tables! : Easily restore MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. You can even select individual tables to restore. Sleep better at night knowing you can recover your database in an emergency.
  • Recover Single or Multiple Files : Quickly select individual files or groups of files and folders you want to recover. Why replace your entire site when you only need to restore a few specific files?
  • Download .ZIP Archives of files : For further security, you may download a backup of your files to your desktop; this allows for instant, offline access to your files.
  • Show Files That Have Changed : No need to waste hours downloading all your files and then more hours comparing file versions when Site Backup allows you the option to download ONLY the files that have changed since the previous day! Huge time saver!

You can purchase Site Backup Pro while registering for new Bluehost account and it is really worth it to have for blog owners.If you don’t have it, I will recommend you to buy it. It cost nearly $12.95 around per year and it not too much costly as much as of you hard work and time.