Have you ever seen whenever you are logging in to your WordPress blog and there are lots of popup comments to be moderated? Even comments are more than that of myHow to manage WordPress Spam Comments posts. Daily I am receiving lots of comments out of which most of are spam comments and I am deleting such comments because they are not of any use.

Comments are important for determining website popularity because the regular readers are leaving a response to the post for like and dislikes about the topic. One of my friend saying that out of 10 blogs in the world 6 blogs are WordPress blogs and so spam comments must be avoided to save lots of time by reading them and deleting them. Here are some of the best WordPress anti-spam plugins that you should know about.

Free WordPress AntiSpam Plugins


Manage spam conmments using Captcha WordPress AntiSpam Plugins

Captcha is the best WordPress Plugin according to me because it adds Captcha code to be entered by commenters, users and webmasters. Basically, the code to be entered is depending on mathematical logic which can be used for login, registration, resetting the password, comments forms.

The box is shown in the comment sections where users have to comment & they have to enter the logic code before publishing a comment on your website.

This way automatic spam bots cannot publish comments on your website because it can give an answer to such a logical question.

So basically your WordPress blog will be free from spammer bots comments. It adds 1+2=? or 9-1=? like logical questions that can be answered only by humans.

Download Captcha WordPress Plugin

SI CAPTCHA Anti-SpamManage your WordPress comments by SI CAPTCHA Plugin

It is another similar WordPress plugin helps you to save your time by not allowing spam comments by bots. It does not shows any box to enter a logical mathematical code in to box but shows only an image in which there is some code appears and that has to be entered into the box.

Usually commentates if unable to identify the words there is a refresh button beside it, so the user can easily refresh and get a new word to be typed in the box. It also prevents spam bots from registering your website if you are managing multi-authored WordPress blog. We are using this plugin to prevent spam comments on our website.

Download SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam


Akismet is the most favorite WordPress AntiSpam Plugins that is used by most of WordPress blog owners.

When you are installing fresh WordPress on any host it is an inbuilt plugin that is installed with your WordPress blog. The main lovable feature of Akismet is that it automatically detects the spam comments and adding them to spam section just like viruses are added in to quarantine after scanning your system.

If you have moved any users comment to spam sections, it will automatically detect all future comments as spam so it will save most of your time by adding the spam comments from the same user each time.

Download Akismet

SiteBrains Interactive Spam BlockerManage spam with SiteBrains Interactive Spam Blocker

It is another best AntiSpam Plugins helps you to prevent irrelevant contents and links in the comment section of your WordPress website.

If spammers are adding irrelevant and link to a pornographic website it will detect automatically and tell spammers that it is unable to submit such irrelevant content in the comment section.

The user will be able to post a comment only when the automatic system will recognize that all the content the user is posting is OK. You need not to add any user in to block list & preventing them from commenting on your website.

It removes bot spams comments automatically and thus you need not have to moderate those unwanted comments each time.

Download  SiteBrains Interactive Spam Blocker

Spam Karma 2 Blacklist Ban

Spam Karma 2 Blacklist Ban is blacklisting commentators from an IP address. It is strict block list will not let users post any comments once after his comment added into the spam section.

This plugin helps you when someone is spamming your website and never stop commenting even his comments are disapproved.

Download Spam Karma 2 Blacklist Ban

Tell us which anti-spam plugin you are using to prevent spam comments on your WordPress website by commenting below.

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