My recent trip to the Girnar Mountain was an awesome experience and I just came today back to the home from a long drive of 1457km in the last 6 days. My main aim was to climb to the top of the Girnar Mountain which was 9999 steps far away from Bhavnath Taleti and we have to climb all 9999 steps to reach the temple of Dattatreya. Yes, It’s 9999 Girnar hill steps you should pass from to reach to the top.

I have personally reached the top there and found there are a few reasons you should also visit Girnar once in your lifetime. Here is my opinion on why you should climb Girnar mountain once in your life.

Reasons to Visit Girnar

Mountain climbing experience

It was an awesome experience stepping up towards the top of Girnar, you may feel tired sometime while climbing or you can’t climb all the steps together but you can keep taking rest and go continue towards the top.

Mountain climbing experienceIf you are a fan of mountain trekking, you feel it quite easy but if this is your first-time visit to any mountain, you may feel a bit nervous. Believe me, when you watch to the bottom view from the top of the Girnar Hills, you can’t imagine how the places at the bottom look like.

In the Winter season, no matter how cold the weather is around you, but you don’t need to wear a sweater. In Summer or in Monsoon, you always see a different view from the top.

To Challenge Your Self

This is the biggest reason why I chose my first long drive to the Girnar. I have heard from so many peoples that not everyone who visits Girnar for the first time can climb to the top taking all 9999 steps.

I challenged myself that I could do it, I will ride a bike to the Girnar from Surat where I am currently living and climb the Girnar as well. I tired and feel exhausted but when I was on the top of that mountain, I told my self, Finally, I did it.

If you are fond of challenging your self in any condition, try challenging climbing Girnar mountain and do it. Have you ever challenged yourself for anything? Don’t forget to share it in the comments section, I will be happy to see your challenge which I might use for my next bike trip.

To Make New Friends

For any travelers, this is the biggest thing to talk with strangers. Especially introverts like me, who never even talk to their relatives but when you are alone at the place where you don’t know anybody what would you do?

Jugalbhai Rabari on GirnarI personally saw my self being introverted to extrovert to some extent. This helps me improving myself as well, as I may not shy talking to strangers.

At the bottom of the Mountain, you may see 100 peoples at first but when reaching the top, you may see only 10th of them. Hardly 8-10 peoples are on the top and talking to them about their experience, walking with them to the bottom is an amazing experience.

I have talked to 11-15 strangers in my entire journey of 9999 steps which boosted my confidence instead of shying and living on the corner of any room.


This is not actually a reason for everyone, as you can exercise your self at home or at the gym too. But it was for me. As I discussed my back pain and changing my self from an office guy to a traveler.

Just look at the Girnar image below & it’s steps how it’s going up and down throughout Girnar hill. It will be a good exercise for anyone moving through those steps and reach the Dattatreya temple at the top.

Exercise on Girnar MountainWhile climbing those steps, my legs were totally out of control when reaching the bottom of the Girnar and we reached the hotel but my back pain was gone. I know when I sit on the computer again, it will start again but the temporary backpain problem was solved. However, legs have still pain and I did massage for 5 days, feeling a bit relaxed now. But it was a very good exercise that I could never do at my home or at the gym.

If you don’t go to the gym or plan to exercise yourself at home but every time you change your mind, place your self in this condition and challenge yourself.

Girnar Parikrama

Climbing Girnar is opened for everyone for the entire year but Girnar Parikrama is only opened for once in a year. It is being organized every year from KARTIK SUD 11 To 15 according to the Indian moon calendar.

The route is around 36 kilometers and you have to walk around the entire Girnar hill instead of climbing there. There are a lot of Pilgrims come there to do Girnar Parikrama which is also called Lili Parikrama.Girnar Parikrama at Junagadh

Pilgrims get free food, free stay there during Lili Parikrama and you may see wild animals or Lion roars around you as well during Parikrama. Local peoples say that, even if you see a wild animal around you, they never bite you or you don’t have to worry about them. During Lili Parikrama, no death reported because of wild animals to date because of the blessing of God.

I missed Lili Parikrama’s schedule this year, but this being the reason for my 2nd visit to Girnar which may probably next year.

On Shivratri

On Lili Parikrama, you may see around 80% Pilgrims and 20% Sadhu, Muni, Aghori Sadhu, but during Shivratri time, you will see 80% Sadhu, Muni, Aghori Sadhu & 20% Pilgrims.  During Shivratri, those Sadhu, Aghori come to the Girnar climbing & worshipping.

Sunrise & Sunset View

If you are a big fan of watching sunrise or sunset from any location, you will love staying here for 1 to 2 days watching the sunrise as well as a sunset.

Most of the hotels at Girnar have a balcony view from where you can clearly see the Girnar hill which is very good for everyone to watch Girnar from their Balcony while enjoying cup of coffee.

Sunrise View at Girnar HillCheck the above Girnar photo of the sunrise in the morning & also see the below image of the sunset from Girnar hill.

Sunset View at Girnar Hill

This beautiful sunset can only be seen from the steps of Girnar hills & to experience or watch the sunset, you should pick the time of 4 to 5 PM which is the perfect time to watch the sunset from Girnar Hills.

Nature & Silence

When you are on the top of the Girnar after 5000 steps, you will feel the calm nature and silence which you never get from anywhere.

Nature & Silence at Girnar Hill

Dattatrey Maharaj temple on the top is the most peaceful place to experience this natural calmness and cold wind coming to you. There is no photography or videography allowed at this place, so I could not take the photos but I did wherever possible during my journey.


This was all I think the biggest reason that you should visit Girnar Hills once in your life.

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Have you ever visited Girnar Hills or climbed to the Dattatreya temple ever? Share your experience in the comments section below.