According to the statistic published on verisign that approximately 143.6 million domains were registered during the first quarter of 2017. Especially travel, Lifestyle, Finance & health category, since it has a huge scope of making money online.

I hear peoples saying there are a number of blogs out there on the Internet, who cares? Actually, they are right! I started this blog in the year 2011 for so many reasons. I want to share how things work on this blog, after that It was a dead blog. But when 2019 started, I thought of sharing my experience with the Internet marketing & blogging field, since I have been in this field for so many years and I can share on this blog what I have learned.

Reasons You Should Start a BlogBefore I started this blog, I was running a free Blogspot blog and there was a time that when I publish the content, it was getting indexed quickly but I was not aware of keyword research so I could not rank any sites during that time. With the passage of time, Google & other search engines are becoming smarter and ranking for competitive keywords being difficult.

I have worked with so many content marketing agencies during this period to learn more about this thing & I thought I should share my knowledge here with my readers too. I am now a fulltime blogger & will share my knowledge of what I learned to date and I am still learning. I will keep my journey & progress with this blog. If you are really interested in starting your own blog, make sure you have read my post on how to start a blog & all post from blogging series.

Why Start a Blog

There are a number of reasons to have a blog, here I will share why you should start a blog.

To help others

This is the number #1 reason to start a blog. You can start your blog to share what you know. There is a number of peoples looking for a solution to their problems on the Internet, maybe your tutorial, guide or article help them to solve their problem and they will be your loyal readers forever.

You can also be an influencer in your niche if your idea & articles are solving problems of hundreds, thousands or millions of peoples.

To Travel the places you like

This is just another update, I have switched my lifestyle from full-time blogger to full-time travel blogger recently. Here is my first blog post update about my travel diary.

If you have a blog, you can move around the places you like whenever you need, as you don’t need to actively involved in your blogging business. You can generate passive income from your blog that you can use to travel or spend anywhere you want.

To make a community of likeminded peoples

When you create a blog post, when someone reads your blog & impressed with your idea, they will leave a comment. They might subscribe to your blog or even follow you on your social media profiles. This way, you will have a circle of peoples who are interested in your niche & you will have a community of likeminded peoples.

To Grow

Obviously, when you spend your time blogging, you are expecting something in return. When your blog starts receiving good traffic or you are an authority in your niche, you will start getting sponsorship from the companies & brands. You will be able to make money blogging & earn a living from it if you do it the right way.

You can even make money by placing Google Adsense banner ads on your blog or even make money from affiliate marketing on your blog. Definitely, you may not your first $100 within a month, but in the long-term, you can earn thousands or even more money your self.

To Sharpen your Writing Skill

When you start writing, you will come to know that you are not a good writer at first. When you read another popular blog in your niche, you will come to know how they write the content.

By regularly writing on your blog, you will be a good writer yourself. If you have a good copywriting skills, you can also offer content writing service from your blog. Your post will be your portfolio and you can show it whenever someone asks for your content writing samples. You can look for Fiverrupwork or freelancer like websites to get hired as a freelance content writer & make money with your content writing skills.

For Self Improvement & Personal Development

When you start your own blog, you will be opened up for an amazing opportunity to earn extra money. You are also expressing your self with your ideas, thoughts, stories & opinion on the web.

Instead of spending your valuable time on social media, you can create your own blog and post your thoughts & ideas in the form of a blog post. By doing so, you are creating the online assets that will generate money for you in the long term.

To Learn Photoshop Skills

When creating a blog post, you will learn the basics of photoshop. You will watch a lot of YouTube videos on the photoshop tutorial to make the best banner for your blog post.

With the passage of time, you will learn photoshop and how to create a banner for your blog. You can even offer a service where you sell customized photoshop banner with your skill. There are so many web-development agencies looking for photoshop designers and graphic designers & you can get hired as a freelance photoshop designer with them.

To Become an Internet Celebrity

As discussed above, you can be an influencer in your niche & become an internet celebrity. It’s not easy for anyone to go in each street & tell people who you are. But with your writing skills, you can influence dozens of peoples.

To Enjoy life

When you work as a part-time blogger, you will need to have some spare time from your regular schedule. When you are making living from your blog, you can spend your time with your family, friends, and kids whenever you want. You can be your own boss instead of working for others.

To Be Different

Get rid of rat-race & be different. Yeah! You can skip your 9 to 5 traditional job schedule and work when you think. Dare to be different & start doing what you like.

To Promote your Business

If you have an e-commerce store and already selling any products online, make sure you have a blog too. Create a blog post on a regular basis and link to the relevant products from your store. This way, you can educate your readers about your store, product or service.

To Create an Email List

Whatever you are blogging about, your blog helps you to get loyal subscribers and readers that are influenced by you. This is the most powerful marketing technique & the assets that can help you build your business online.

To Make Passive Income

You can make money while you are sleeping! Your content will generate regular income for you and there are a number of bloggers like Smartpassiveincome, that earn $100000+ per month and share their income too.


Have you started your blog yet? Let me know in the comments below. Want to start your own blog? Read our quick guide on how to start your own blog.