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Why is Google Chrome the best web browser

Why is Google Chrome the best web browser

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers from Google Inc. It was released in 2008 and works on WebKit system for rendering Web pages.  Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox are continually competing with Google Chrome browser. Safari web browser also comes with the same WebKit web page rendering technology for fast loading.

If you are not already using Google Chrome browser so download now and start using Chrome on your computer with lots of great features.

Google Chrome
Let’s take a look at the best and top reasons why Google Chrome is the best web browser for you. Google Chrome web browser comes with the advance feature and tons of browser add-ons that give you full access to use it quickly.

Speed and Performance

The Google Chrome launches from your Computer desktop within 5 to 8 seconds. Only you have to do double-click on the Google Chrome icon. Google Chrome can also run web application faster with lightning speed. You can use Omnibox for searching Website and web pages directly. Using Omnibox, you can access a website and web pages. OmniBox is the combination of Search and address bar to search both.

It also gives you suggestions for better search result as your type in a search bar. It has an autocomplete feature that helps you to get perfect search keyword with just a few keystrokes.

Design and User Interface

Google Chrome comes with simple design and easy to use User Interface for better browsing experience. You can search anything on the web and navigate web pages simply and easily without any problems. For searching anything on the internet, only you have to type just a few keystrokes than Chrome offers you best suggestions as you type.

With the Chrome Multi-process architecture, you can open 100 tabs at the same time without slowing down and crash a browser. It comes with Snappy tab function that allows you to arrange opened tabs quickly.

If you don’t have any PDF viewer on your computer so don’t worry because Google’s Chrome browser has built in PDF file viewer that allow you to open any pdf file directly in Chrome browser. The most and advance feature is Restore closed tab feature for restore close tab after restarting Chrome browser.

Safety and Security

Google’s Chrome web browser automatically show you an error message before you open or visit a website that is suspected of containing virus or malware. You can browse safely with safe browsing technology.

It comes with Sandboxing feature that helps you to prevent malware or virus that install itself on your computer. The sandboxing feature also gives your full protection and extra layer from suspected web pages and website that contains malware and other harmful content.

For best and advance security, Google Chrome comes with auto update feature for advanced security updates. Chrome browser checks automatically and regularly to keep your chrome browser up to date. The Automatic Update fixes bugs and errors without showing you any warning message and required action.


  1. Hi Bhavesh,
    I’m currently thinking about changing to Google Chrome but have all my history, bookmarks, settings, etc. still in Firefox and it’s probably going to be quite annoying in exporting/importing everything.
    Thanks for the post either way 🙂

  2. Wonderful Article! I fully agree with the fact that Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers. The specification of Google Chrome is different from another web browser and it has a wide variety of extension which are quite helpful. I used to use Mozilla before, but now I will be only using Chrome.

  3. Hi there. Your article is very well written. I am a webmaster and I am using the most well known web browsers for my work.

    I have to say that CHROME is by far the best, but is also the heaviest. If you have a good PC, chrome is the browser that will give you the best web surfing experience ever.

    Once again, nice article.

  4. Hi,
    I agree with you that google chrome is one of the best web browser because it has a wide variety of extension which are quite helpful.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this kind of information.

    good luck for the next …………

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