Most of bloggers are aware of Guest posting, and keep submitting their posts on some high PR blog to build high quality backlinks from them.Guest posting is nothing but writing article as you write on your own blog and submit it to guest post accepting blogs.The blog owner will review your guest post and make necessary correction for doing better SEO with your post and publish it on their blog.If you own a blog, you would definitely give chance to write guest post on your blog.

Instead of writing post only on your blog,you should contribute your post on other’s blog also.This is not only time pass but would get lots of advantage from it.I am currently writing 2 guest post per month & this helped me to pulled my blog to pagerank 2.

Benefits Of Guest BlogginReasons why you should write a guest post on other’s blog:


Traffic is the only thing that every blog owner wants to their blog.Guest posting will allows you to boost your blog’s traffic because they allows you to put a dofollow links on their website.Most of bloggers know about dofollow backlinks that helps to gain good credit in Search Engines.

Search engine will think that link is important it that helps you to boost your alexa traffic rank as well.When you write guest post on popular blog,it will be read by several readers of that blog.Those reader will come to your blog to see such more awesome articles & they will by coming to your website. Guest Posting is the best way to drive referral traffic to your blog. You can Submit Articles to Blogs that are popular in your niche and you will be able to drive traffic from your published guest post.


Popularity is the best thing that everyone wants.I don’t know people know me or not but guest posting expose myself to other blog’s readers and they will know me by name and also my blog.If readers will like your posts,they will follows you on social networks like Facebook, Twitter , Google+ & bla bla bla…

People would follow you and you would get number of followers on social networking websites.More the number of guest post you are writing, more the fame you will get. Try to look for blogs that are Accepting Guest Posts and start submitting your article to them.


The main SEO factor that helps you to to improve your pagerank in Google. Lots of site owners are using dofollow forums but I would recommend Guest Post Submission instead of posting on dofollow fourm. Specially dofollow backlinks are important to improve pageranks,however nofollow backlinks are also important as well.

Guest posting allow guest bloggers to post an article with 1 or 2 dofollow backlinks to their domain. So you can add your backlinks from your guest post to your blog. By doing this,reader of that blog will come to your blog by visiting your article on that blog and ultimately you will get traffic to your blog. Guest blogging is an important factor in link building however paying for link is against google’s TOS and your blog may be penalized by doing such activities.

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Make Money by Blogging

You can earn money from your guest post. Some popular blogs like hubpages allow you to earn money from your posted article. So you can search for Blog Sites That Pay for writing them and you can make money too.

You can associate your Google adsense account with that blog and thus all clicks generated from your article will give you money to your adsense account.Popular blogs have high traffic and so your articles will be read by thousands of visitors per day and ultimately you will earn money from your guest article.

Improve Your SEO/Writing SkillsBenefits Of Guest Bloggin

The hardly noted point by guest bloggers.Whenever you are posting any guest post on other blog,your guest post is evaluated by other blogger.Most guest bloggers are posting their guest post on high popularity blog,so the auther of that blog will evaluate your post and you might know what is lacking in your post by that.The owner will tell your mistake and tell you to improve it when writing,so you can defiantly improve your blog writing skill by posting guest post on other blog.

If you have registered and logged in that blog,you can see the different environment on their WordPress dashboard,different SEO plugins and different options available while posting.So you can change your WordPress blog according to them to improve your SEO skills. You can look for Blogs That Accept Guest Posts like and start submitting your article for their review and consideration.

You can write a guest post for us by posting your unique content on our website.Register on Ehowportal and Submit a Guest Post to us.We will manually review if and publish it on our website with your name.


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