Nice websites worked well for few of bloggers who are continuously testing new and new methods and formula for their business. Recently I have tried working on few micro niche sites that were worked well for me. I am not going to reveal the site’s name here; I would just share useful information on how you too can start niche blogs and websites for you and start making passive income from your blog.

If you have landed on this page, you might know your question that is about What Are Niche Websites. If you do not know what a Niche Website is, then I strongly suggest you read this post before moving forward.  Understanding your endeavor is half the battle and knowledge is one of the most important tools you will have in this process.

What Are Niche Websites

What Are Niche Websites?

If we say about the definition of Micro Niche website, it’s small blog or website that focuses on Specific Information that is Both Useful and Interesting for the Audience.

Its focus and provide information on very small category out of available category products on the internet.There is nothing in the definition but powerful money making idea is to start niche website and monetize it.

To start successful niche website, you should understand that the focus is on the consumer or person visiting your website. Every single person who visits your website should be in buying mode if you have monetized your website with affiliate marketing products. If we fail to recognize that the customer is king, then we will likely fail to understand why we have not transformed our Niche Site into a profitable venture.

Let’s talk about Halloween that is on 31st October 2014. If you are creating affiliate site especially focused on Halloween products, the traffic you are receiving from search engines would be especially searching for Halloween related products. So monetizing it with affiliate product would bring a huge boost in your affiliate sales and since this is an event, you can also monetize it with Google Adsense. If you monetize your sites with the only AdSense, it’s called Adsense Niche Sites.

If you are writing a blog or your site is about wide category covering all niche, you can call it as non-niche or eCommerce sites like is General niche sites. MSN is focusing on various niche and category like news. Amazon is also focusing on product selling; if niche is not clear. It covers wide range of products in it.

In the technical definition of niche sites, there are 20 to 200 posts or pages in niche websites. Traffic may range from 200 to 2000 per day. Niche is targeted, so all traffic is targeted traffic. Niche website should not have 10000 per day traffic, and if it is receiving this much traffic, it’s called authority sites.

There is a website called flippaa, from where you can Buy Micro Niche Sites that are created by affiliate marketers. Or you can buy micro niche domain from GoDaddy auction for your Micro Niche Marketing projects. Sometimes you might get 99 rs domain GoDaddy domain or cheaper than this.

The overall sum of above content is simple as below. What should you consider while building micro niche sites is:

  • Specific Subject
  • Specific Content
  • Less than 200 pages but more than 20

Niche Selection Tips

If you are using any keyword research tool, such as Long Tail Pro or Keyword Planner you are on the first step. Select any products or topics that are having low competition and average search volume of >1000.

Things to consider

  1. Select Topic – You can search for the topic and products till micro level. e.g. If you are going to run Amazon affiliate blog, you should choose a category first, in that go deep by selecting subcategory items. Go deep by best selling items likewise, do research for products you are going to promote.
  2. Make it True –  Try to publish wow content, with unique and compelling writing. Publish evergreen content like how to guide for your niche that would be evergreen, and you would always get ranked for your niche. E.g. If you are running blog on USB mouse niche, you should also publish few useful how to guide like How to Fix USB Mouse Not Working Problem, etc.

In my upcoming posts, I would guide on how to build it step by step. So stay tuned.