Thinking of starting a new website? You might have heard from so many sources that you can start your website for FREE. But if you are expecting any kind of returns for your effort, maybe it’s in terms of sales, ad revenue or customers, you should pay for what you are expecting.

Cost of Starting a Website

Also, you might be thinking that what are all those hidden costs of starting a blog or website, or how much you should pay for starting your website. Well, you should understand that any website is made up of 2 things. First is the domain name and another one is web hosting.

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How Much Does it Cost To Set Up a Website


Depending on the type of domain you select for your organization, the cost starts from $10 a year to hundreds or even millions. A domain name can also be bought with your country extension like .com, .net, .org likewise. Suppose you are living in the UK and want to buy a domain name with extension, you can. Likewise, for each country, there is a separate name.

If you buy a brand new domain, it will cost you around $10. If you want to buy premium domains, you need to pay somewhat higher fees for buying a new domain for your self.

How much does a website domain cost:

Brand New Domain:

You can register a brand new domain from domain registrar companies like Namecheap, Bluehost or Godaddy, etc.

Aged Domains:

Mostly domain registrar creates an auction for the domains that are no longer renewed by the domain owner. Those domains have good authority and hence it cost more than a new domain. Price for old or premium domains may vary depending upon domain age, keywords in the domain, etc. You can check some examples of how much domain will cost with certain good factors. This domain sold for $35.6 million in 2010 This domain sold for 7 Million in 2004 sold for around $1 millions in 2001

You can pay yearly charges for domain renewal each year, or register a domain name for more tenure.

Total Cost (Estimate): $10/Year (Sometimes thousands, and even millions of dollars if there is specification)

Advice: If you are just starting a business without any further specification, it is advised that you register a domain name with a 1-year term. It will be budget-friendly for you and you can also leave if you change your mind. You don’t have to lose more money.


Now, hosting is the place, where all your website files are hosted. You need a web hosting even if you are a small business owner or big enterprise. Similar to the domain name, many hosting companies offer online storage to start your website. Your web developer can help in setting up your domain with your hosting if you pay their charges.

You can also hire us to set up a domain with your hosting account if you don’t know how to configure it. If you know, it is good to go!!

If we talk about the charges for hosting, it varies depending on the type of server.

How much does a hosting cost:

Shared Hosting : 

If you are just starting up, it is recommended to you. On Shared hosting, other websites have also hosted on the same server. Think of an apartment, where many peoples leave the same building. You can register your hosting from Bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostgator or WPEngine.

Recommendation: If you are just starting your blog or beginner, I would recommend you to go for Bluehost. I have been using it since 2011 & by signing up with Bluehost using my link, you will get a FREE domain for 1 year(Worth $15). Here is the complete guide to getting started with Bluehost to create your blog.

Shared hosting cost: Starting From $3.95/month.

Virtual Private Servers(VPS):

Many websites are hosted on the same server, but you get more control over it as compared to shared hosting. This is usually more expensive than shared hosting.

VPS Cost: Starting from $29.99/Month

Dedicated Server:

You get your own server control. You can choose what software you want to run, How many websites you want to host etc. If you have already started your website and getting more and more traffic, you can go for dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are more expensive than VPS hosting.

Dedicated Server Cost: Starting from $99.99/Month

Hosting Cost (Estimate): $50/Year to $1200/Year

Design & Development

Now you have got an idea of how much does a website cost if you want only domain name and hosting. But the real game starts here. Depending on your requirement of a website, the web development costs will vary.


Readymade themes can be a great solution. There are a lot of FREE themes available on the WordPress repository. if you just starting up, it is recommended that you go with free themes or low-cost themes from Teslatheme, Elegantthemes.

If you are planning to go with a customized WordPress theme, You can hire some web development agency if you have custom theme requirements & they will charge you from $500 to $3500 per theme to create and modify according to your need. If you don’t have a budget to spend this much on web development, you can try out Divi Builder that is a visual drag and drop page builder for WordPress site.


If you have an in-house content writer, then it’s good to go. However, if you want to hire some online writers, you need to pay them. You should have a requirement of how many pages content you need, how many words, on which topic, etc.

If you don’t know how much content writing will cost, you can check out article writing costs on upwork or like websites. Usually, content writing charges are per word, but some charges per hour while some ask for a fixed price.

E.g. If you hire a Native English content writer, they will charge $30 for 500 words. If you hire a non-native English content writer, they will charge $15-20 for 500 words. Sometimes, content marketing agencies or online writers will write to you for some fewer charges too.


  • Do you need a forum?
  • Do you need a contact form?
  • Do you need Blogs to post your content?
  • Is your website membership-based?

These things can be charged by your developer. Depending on your requirement of a website, your web developer will charge you.

Cos(Estimate): $200 to $10000+

The total cost of setting up a website:

Depending on your requirement, you spend hundreds, thousands of dollars on the website. If you have a low budget, you can go for shared hosting, pre-made themes or graphics. If you have a good budget to spend on, you can go for dedicated hosting with custom coding functionality and theme.

How much does a website cost per month?

This is the most frequently asked question by newbie bloggers & answering it depends on your requirement. But if we assume that you will be paying around $2.95 per month for hosting and around $1 per month for your domain name. The rest of the Webdesign services and customization really depends on your requirement.

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No matter, if you are just starting up, learning! If you need help related to blogging, you may feel free to share your views in the comments section below & I will be helping you with my knowledge whatever issues you have.