If you have started your blog, you may be creating new blog posts to generate more traffic. You are uploading your own image by creating them, but you need to protect your blog images by watermarking it. By watermarking your image, you are ultimately protecting your image from copy-cats. When someone sees your image on the Google Search, they will notice that image belonging to you. If they want to use that image, they will contact you & sometimes you get a backlink as an image credit too.

Watermarking images nowadays become a professional tool for most of the bloggers because it helps you to identify your original content and also you can know content scrappers. You can generally generate a watermark on your one image or use batch watermarking software to adding watermark in your image file but it is a little bit awkward for bloggers who had to open watermarking software each time & add watermark whenever he has to post a new blog post on their blog. So to make watermarking blog images easier WordPress has a plugin to overcome all these difficulties.

Before using Watermark Reloaded plugin for my WordPress blog, I was using chrome extension to capture images from my browser and adding watermark to each image separately with that one. Nowadays I was trying to use that plugin and it impressed me a lot. It helps you to create Background Watermark Images on your blog.

Watermarking WordPress footer pluginYou will get an extra option in your Dashboard setting area saying Watermark reloaded and after clicking on you will be navigated to a configuration page where you can configure watermark to be added in to each images you are uploading. You can add watermark to thumbnails, medium sized images and all images. You just need to check the box which images you wish to watermark and the plugin will automatically detect the images either it is a thumbnail or full size and add watermark to it.

You can Create Watermark Image alignment by checking the radio button shown at Watermark alignment and you have done. In future whenever you are going to upload a new image on your WordPress blog, it will automatically add your watermark in it.

auto Watermarking WordPress images This plugin also helps you to choose your watermarking text, text sizes , fonts & color to customize your Watermarks. It also shows preview besides in the preview field so that you can easily customize your watermark and save. The onetime process will save you lots of time in future image watermarking.


  • Automatic Watermark plugin to watermart all uploading images.
  • Generate the same watermark on each images & best WordPress Plugins for Images.
  • Save your time for watermarking each images each time you are uploading on your website.
  • Customizable text with fonts & colors.
  • Customize watermarking alignment.
  • Free WordPress Watermark Plugin.
  • PicMarkr : Free Online Watermarking Tool
Get Watermark Reloaded plugin for your WordPress blog and watermark your blog images easily.


  1. Thanks for sharing informative article. A truly fantastic plugin for watermarking images. This plugin is working very well. This plugins gives the capability to create watermarks on images with variety of fonts and then apply it to images of various sizes just by positioning the watermark.
    Thanks for sharing valuable post with us.

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