We all know VLC media player and most of us use it to watch movies and play files on their computer. It’s my most favorite media player, that can able to play almost all media files. Most of the time I also use it to stream YouTube videos on my computer.If you don’t know how to play Youtube Videos on VLC media player, you can check this tutorial.

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1.Go to YouTube and copy the URL link of video you want to see in VLC media Player. For example, I want to see following video on VLC media player.


Just copy URL and open VLC media Player.

2.Open VLC media Player & click on media at the top. Go to open network stream ( or use shortcut key  – ctrl+N)

Open Network Stream on VLC Media Player

3. Now it will ask to enter network URL. You can add the copied YouTube URL to there and click on play button.If you want to start video from specific time, you can click on check show more option and add start time in the menu. It will start your YouTube videos from the time you have added.

Opening YouTube URL on VLC Media player

4. Watch your YouTube video on VLC player now.

Watch YouTube Videos on VLC Media player

VLC Media Player Advantages: