Recently one of our reader asked how he can view his saved password from his Firefox browser.

Simply there is an option available on Firefox browser whenever you are trying to login to any page.It will prompt you to remember password from your browser. If you have clicked the remember option when login to any website, you will have chance to get back your forgotten password easily.

FireFox – View your saved passwords

You can find the saved password option from your Mozilla Firefox browser from Tools> Option> Security.Clicking on the saved password option will show you the username you saved by clicking on remember button.Click on Show password option from there and it will ask you that “are you sure you want to show your password?” Click on the yes button ans search the User id and password for the site you forget but saved in past.

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  1. Nice trick, many firefox users are unaware of this. But if the master password is set there is no way to view saved passwords in firefox.

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