You might have seen lots of WordPress blog with multiple users. Some of them are editor, contributor, subscriber. If you are thinking to start & Manage Multiple WordPress Sites that allowing user registration and let them post on your blog, you will need a special plugin that can handle all the things inside.  User Role Editor is such a great WordPress plugin allow you to manage all your WordPress users from single dashboard.User Role Editor WordPress plugin makes the role capabilities changing easy. You can change any standard WordPress user role.

User Role Editor WordPress plugin

You can manage/edit any users capability right from your User Role Editor WordPress dashboard.Say you can edit/manage/delete/add new capability of all users along with make them as Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber depending on your needs with few mouse clicks.(WordPress Help user roles & capabilities)

How To Allow contributor to upload media in WordPress:

If you want to make your WordPress blog as multi-authored blog, you will need to add capability as contributor.Default WordPress configuration do not allow WordPress contributor to upload images & media files on WordPress account, However you can allow them to upload images in their post.So that they can publish SEO friendly article along with relevant images.

User Role Editor WordPress plugin

To allow contributor to upload files in their post, you just need to install User role editor > Contributor > check the option at last(Upload Files). This will give contributor uploading file permission.So whenever user try to write their article, they can easily attach image files into it.

User Role Editor - Manage Multi Author WordPress Blog

You can also give/revoke file uploading permission to any user. This plugin helps you to make WordPress Change User Role quickly.Go to WordPress dashboard> Users>Roles>Capabilities & give/revoke user permission from there.You can also create custom role created by your own along with appropriate permission.

User Role Editor Feature:

  • Create, manage,edit,remove user capabilities from plugin dashboard.
  • Best WordPress plugin to manage multi-authored blog.
  • WordPress Add User Roles or modify them easily.

You can try User Role Editor @

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  1. Thank you for sharing these details about this plugin. For sure these are some of the most important things to make a blog to stand out of the crowd.

  2. It’s a great plugin, I am using it in a mutli-author WP blog I own. The main problem was that (as you allready mentioned) contributors couldnt upload images, and this plugin saved the day!

    I am using this plugin 1 year now and never had any problem with crashing or anything.

    Great suggestion, thanks for sharing Bhavesh.

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