If you are good creator and actor uploading your regular episodes on YouTube,You can earn money from uploaded videos on YouTube.Sometimes YouTube restrict new user to uploading longer than 15 minutes video and that’s the frustrating moment for that user.Because we have seen there are lots of videos published on YouTube that has longer than 15 minute in length and YouTube is saying no only to you??

According to YouTube Help forum, All users have the ability to upload videos up to 15 minutes in length. However one can attain the ability to upload more than 15 minutes if:

  1. User account has good standing as per YouTube community Guidelines.
  2. You have to verify your YouTube account with your mobile number.
  3. Your uploaded videos has no worldwide Content ID blocks on any other videos.

How to Verify your YouTube account with your mobile number:

When we are going to upload any videos on YouTube,we are seeing the notice at the bottom of uploading file option.YouTube will show this message if you have followed 1st step correctly.

Uploading larger videos on YouTube

Now on upload page on your account, you will see the option that says Upload HD videos in various formats upto 15 minutes & clickable link that says Increase your limit.Now click on the link and you will see the option to add your mobile number.

Verifying mobile for your YouTube account

Choose appropriate country you are belonging from ,add your mobile number & hit the submit button.YouTube will send a random code to your mobile number that you entered and you have to enter that code in your account and verify it.Once you have successfully verified your YouTube account,you will see the message,Now your account is verified.You can upload videos to a maximum of 12 hours in length.

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