images (2)FileStork has been a free Internet based service that enables users to create a file request online form in which the files uploaded via the form get fed right into your own Dropbox account. An email address with the form link can be then sent to one or even more email IDs. The recipients will be able to upload as many files as they want via a simple web form, going around any of the email storage limitations.

In this regard, you are required to have your own Dropbox account.If you don’t have one, you can create free dropbox account and get 2 GB free cloud space on your dropbox account.

Links Your Dropbox Account

You have to first login to your FileStork using the Dropbox account access.
The very first step to follow here is to browse through the site and then click over the ‘Get Started’ tab which is at the bottom of the page. After you have done this, you will be redirected to the Dropbox sit where you will require to login and enable access to your account.

Create A Request

Once you have linked to your account, you must be able to create a new request. There will be two different kinds of requests you can create here. First one is the one-time request, and the other one is the standalone request. The one-time request enables users to make use of the form exactly once to upload a file to the Dropbox account, whereas a standalone request is that one which enables users to have multiple uploads using the same form.

Set up a Password To Make The Uploads Totally Private

Once you have picked a request method, and filled out the form. Now you will require filling out the recipients’ email addresses, request message, a request name which is to be saved in the Dropbox account. Check out the file types such as Executable files, Adobe files, Documents, etc.). Now, you can set up a password on the form. When you have finishes filling out the form, click over the Create Request option at the bottom of the page to have your request delivered to the recipients.

Be Patient, and Receive

Recipients will not get to know that the files are going into your Dropbox account directly. Your recipients are going to receive an email message with a link to the FileStork uploading page. After you have browsed through the site, the recipient can merely select the required files on their system, and send the rest back to you. If you have selected the option to be notified as a new file upload, you will get an instant email notification from FileStork.

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