Update Notifier automatically search for the latest Versions of Installed Windows Apps.It notify you that update version is available for installed applications on your computer in list.

Update Notifier- Stay updated with latest version

There are mainly 3 tabs in the application.First one is Updates available-showing you newer version to be updated on your computer.Second one is watch list that shows you information about the program and software you added into watch list for checking update version.Third one is recommended which tells you the recommended software to be update on your computer.The application is available for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Operating systems. So if you are using those operating system this is recommended software for you.

This tiny sized application consumes 500 KB download file on computer and after installing it checks your entire computer for gathering installed application list.You can also customize some of the software to be under monitor that scan only software you added to watch in watchlist.The main advantage of having application is that it shows direct download link at list,so once clicking on download button, it will no redirect you any forced advertisement page but one click download.

Update Notifier Features:

  • Scan your computer & find latest versions of your installed software.
  • Direct download link to update version software.
  • Less than 500 KB download file size.
  • Run in background without interfering regular activity.
  • Free to use without installing any software.
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You can download Update Notifier @ http://cleansofts.org/view/update-notifier.html