We all know that Twitter is a microblogging platform that helps you to share your status, photos or updates with your friends/followers. There are so many strategies to grow your twitter followers and out of that, one of the biggest strategies used by brands is using twitter followers tool.

Nowadays, you may find a lot of twitter automation tool that lets you follow the twitter profiles and brand accounts within your niche. This way, you can get more followers on your Twitter account, but sometimes you may find it difficult to search for the inactive followers on your Twitter account and remove them. So that you can only follow the twitter profiles which follow you back.

I personally like to follow the peoples who follow me on Twitter, if you are on Twitter, let’s connect there. My twitter ID is @bksondagar

According to a Wall Street Journal report, around 44% of users on Twitter never tweeted and inactive & even they never retweet your tweets. So, following a user who is not actively engaged on Twitter, increase your followers vs the following ration for no reason.

Here in this article, we will discuss some of the Twitter Management Tool that helps you to clean your twitter accounts by finding inactive twitter profiles. Some advanced tools even help you with more filters like talkative, spammer or twitter users who are not posted anything in the last 30 days consider them as inactive and let you unfollow them automatically.

I was previously using Friendorfollow but it has been upgraded to the paid version and since I am not much using this twitter software but I found an alternative.

I use Untweeps to Unfollow inactive Twitter Users

This tool is simple and easy to use, you just have to Sign in to your untweeps account using your Twitter account and allow this app to access your Twitter account.

I use Untweeps to Unfollow inactive Twitter Users

Click on Sign in with Twitter Button to get started & authorize Twitter App to proceed further.


Here you just need to mention how many days the users have not updated their status. Suppose you add 30 days there, the number of users who have not updated their twitter status during the last 30 days will be listed there on the next page like below.

Unfollow Twitter Inactive Accounts online

You can select the number of twitter users from the list and click on the Unfollow selected Tweeps, you will be unfollowing those users from your Twitter Profile.

It helps you to stay more organized and productive on Twitter so that you can easily maintain your Twitter following to follower ratio.

Which twitter management tool do you use to unfollow inactive profiles? Share your thoughts in the comments below.