Are music and other entertainment and social sites blocked at your school? Do check out Unblocked Music Sites lists from here below.

Whenever you access any music site, you will get the error notification on the screen at your school. In High School or College or any other working and study place when you are surfing around any music site. You cannot open it because most of the school officials use to blocking feature for all Entertainment and Social sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and some other music streaming sites.

Whenever you are trying to reach any interesting sites like song download sites, music sites, movies download sites, or any other social networking site, you will see mostly they are blocked. You can alternatively use VPN service like NordVPN to access blocked websites from your college or school.

3 Ways To Unblock Music Sites at school

You can listen to popular music sites like Spotify, Google Play Music, Beats, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, iTunes Radio, Xbox Music, and many more websites using a number of ways that you can find below.


NordVPN is a popular VPN service provider( Virtual Private Network) that lets you change your current location & you can browse anonymously with more privacy. You will be able to find out so many VPN services online which secure your identity & browse anonymously by changing your real IP address.

You can check out NordVPN from below.

Use Google Translate

You can use Google translate to unblock music websites in schools too. Usually, their firewall blocks certain keywords like music download, Music, or similar works, but when you use Google translate, you are translating the word Music in other languages.

You can translate the URL to a specific language to overcome firewall blockage & the school/college firewall will not be able to recognize that word.

But this can only happen if your school or college has blocked some specific words in their system. If they block PC from site level or domain level, you can not access them with this technique.

I was using this technique while I was in college & I read a lot of content online when I started learning how to blog.

Using Proxy Sites

We have already discussed proxy websites that are mostly used in colleges & schools. Students know how to use proxy sites and usually, proxy sites are also banned at most of the place.

You can try out proxy servers & sites to access blocked sites at your college or school, if you have luck you will be easily able to access those sites. If you are still not able to use them try NordVPN & use music sites like a pro.

Top 10 Unblocked Music Sites

Here in this article, we are reviewing the top 10 unblocked online music streaming sites that allow you to listen to music in any place like school, college, and another public place.


Grooveshark is the best online music streaming site that is unblocked in College and school or other study places. The Grooveshark is the unblocked online music site that allows you to use from school and other study places, so if you are trying to use this site from your high school or college, you don’t get the any blocked message on the screen because this site is unblocked for school and college students.Grooveshark

This site has easy to use user interface that helps you to use music and track.  Here you can play or search for any music online without paying any money so don’t worry about subscriptions on this site. With this site, you can create your own music playlist and can save your listened songs to your playlist.


Soundzabound is the only website that is dedicated to high school or colleges. On this site, you can get a huge range of high-quality free of cost online music and sound effect for school or college students. The Soundzabound has some other advanced features like Student production, New Artist submission, newsletter, or many other advanced features.Soundzabound

On the Soundzabound, you can also download songs, music, tracklist, and other music item easily. It has easy to use user interface for school students.


Purevolume is another most popular online music streaming website that is also unblocked in every school by a school administrator. On this site, you can listen to many kinds of music, and also you can upload your own music track. This site has a large number of music and songs in its cloud.Purevolume

On this site, you can find different types of music by category and album. It has categories all songs like Featured, Popular, Albums, Event, Top songs, etc. Purevolume has also unblocked music sites from schools and colleges.


Slacker has thousands of unblocked music tracks available on the slacker. With the Slacker, you can reach an unlimited number of songs and music without paying any money. On this site, you can find many unblocked music songs and you can use all of them without paying money and registration.Slacker

It has a powerful search bar that allows you to find much more music, album, and genres quickly. Slacker provides unlimited music songs free of cost which makes this one of the most popular online music streaming websites for school and college students.


ClearlyDrunk is also most popular for online music streaming in the school and colleges. ClearlyDrunk is the best and free proxy site that allows you to stream unlimited online music or songs without paying any cost. This is the proxy site that made for free service and working fast.ClearlyDrunk

Most of the proxy server’s sites are very slow but for a faster connection, you need to pay it. ClearlyDrunk is a fast and free website that allows you to stream and listen to online music for free. Only you need to type your favorite music site URL in the search bar and you can unblock this site quickly.


In this site, you can stream and listen to online music without paying any cost. Also, you can discover new artist from this site and It also streams online music videos for free.Zuus

The Zuus allow you to play online music and videos for free of cost. And also allow you to find many more songs and videos from their database.


playlist sound is the best radio and online music streaming site that allows you to find and stream online music and songs. This site has a large music and song database for music lovers. You can also search for the best high-quality music and songs without paying any cost.PlaylistSound

You can also get the best artist music and track from this site. It has a playlist feature for saving your favorite music and track. Only you need to sign up on this site via your email id and passcode. Then you can access your favorite songs and playlist.


Bluebeat is the best online music streaming website with a large number of music collections and song collections. You can search and stream online music from anywhere.Bluebeat

This is the best unblocked online music streaming site that allows you to listen to online music and tracks. It also has a playlist feature for saving your favorite music list.  These is the best-unblocked music sites for college & school students.


Music choice is also an unblocked online music streaming site that allows you to listen to online music without paying any cost.MusicChoice

This is the best playlist supported by the streaming site with a large number of track and songs collection. That allows you to find and search for your favorite artist and album easily. Music choice allows you to get access to many song tracks from schools and colleges for free.

Here we have listed the most searched unblocked music sites for you. Have you ever used any one of them? Which unblocked music sites do you use at your school or college? Do share your views in the comment section below.

[Updated: 16-01-2021]