Looking for Proxy Websites for School? Want to open blocked sites online at school?  Do check out this interesting article about free proxy websites that help you to access restricted sites for FREE.

You might have seen that social networking sites are blocked at school, colleges & office.Whenever you are trying to login to those blocked websites, it will not let you browse it.Even in my college, I found Facebook was blocked but whenever I wanted to access my Facebook account I could. While my friends and even professors could not, they asked me how I could do this? I was always saying thanks to an anonymous free proxy server.

Open Blocked Sites Online
Open Blocked Sites Online

You can also find free anonymous proxy servers online from the web quickly.Suppose you are native to America and a specific website has been blocked in your office, you can give a try to Canada proxy servers, Indian proxy servers, UK proxy servers. Some peoples are using proxy software to get secure access to the website they are visiting.Web proxies are mostly used for hiding your IP address and by-passing work, school or other web filters. The main advantage of using proxy servers is user can safely surf the net without information being available to hackers, spammers and scammers or anyone else, for that matter!

Here are some of the working list of for free proxy sites that will help you to Unblock Restricted Sites. You can try them now to get access to blocked website banned by your computer administrator or your Internet Service Provider(ISP).

Open Blocked Sites Online Using Proxy Sites


Hide My Ass ! which is a free web proxy that allows you to surf online anonymously. It helps you to hide your real IP address and protect your privacy.

Hide My Ass Free Proxy and Privacy Tools Surf The Web Anonymously

The hidemyass website will bypass online restriction and allow you to access foreign websites like local. You can also easily access some blocked sites like Facebook, Gmail and YouTube at your office or school.


Proxy.org website helps you to maintain your online privacy and allow you to surf web anonymously.They have a list of daily updated web based proxy that you can use.

proxy for blocked sites

This website helps you to open blocked sites online easily for free.


Zend2 website is the online anonymous proxy server. Online proxy for watching movies, browsing YouTube, downloading programs you can even surf Facebook and Myspace.

how to open restricted sites

It helps you to Access Blocked Sites using it’s secure server easily, and you can easily Unblock Internet Sites. You just need to enter URL of the website you want to access in the marked option. Clicking on surf will take you to the site you want to access.


fastusaproxy.com website is a web based proxy founded in the American city of Chicago. Unleash unfiltered web browsing and enhance your user interface.

how to watch blocked sites

If you are looking for how to watch blocked sites, check out the image above. Just enter the URL of a website you want to unblock and hit go button. You don’t need any proxy software to open blocked sites.


American Proxy site for FREE anonymous surfing. You can surf the web with this free online American Proxy!

unblock blocked sites online

Just enter URL of a website you want to access and click on surf now button to unblock blocked sites online.


Unblock blocked websites & the internet quickly with Boom Proxy. Surf behind our dedicated proxy server and keep yourself secure online.

how to view blocked websites

All sites are processed through our web proxy and secured against a variety of Internet threats. You can encrypt URL, page, allow or reject cookies, remove page titles, remove scripts and objects while browsing. Alternatively, you can use VPN service like Zenmate to browse website anonymously.

Here we have enlisted only the best proxy websites that you can use for Open Blocked Sites Online. However, if you are using any proxy software of proxy servers website. You can share it with us by commenting in the comment section below.


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