We have seen that in some office and schools as well as colleges, the administrator has prevented the some social networking websites to be opened from their computer.Here are few ways by which you can bypass the restriction and surf as like the normal.For that you will need to check with your local authorities before using them. We will not held any responsibility if you’ve breach the regulations of any.

There are numerous way to access blocked web sites.Some of the few tricks are enlisted here.

1.By using IP address instead of URL:

This trick will work on some kind of web filtering software.So if you are lucky enough, you will get access to the blocked website quickly but if you are not, than try another trick.All you have to do is typing ip address of that website you want to access in URL bar instead of original URL.You can get any website’s ip address by typing ping domainname.com in command prompt.

2.By using anonymous free proxy servers:

There are tons of proxy server available over internet.You can try foreign country anonymous proxy server to get quick access.Generally this idea works even there is tight website blocking security installed on the computer.Suppose you are from US, than give a search on Google about Canada anonymous proxy servers.You will get list of canadian web proxy server from where you can access the restricted website at your location.Here is some example list of website for blocked sites you can use.

  1. http://www.spysurfing.com
  2. http://www.xerohour.org/hideme
  3. http://www.proxyz.be
  4. http://www.sc0rian.com/prox
  5. https://www.proxify.us
  6. http://kproxy.com/index.jsp
  7. http://www.brawl-hall.com/pages/proxy.php
  8. http://www.proxify.net
3.By using Google mobile search:
Google is always displays HTML webpage of any website on mobile browser, so you can get advantage of this idea.Thus try to open google mobile from your computer browser. e.g. Google mobile site
4.Bypass restricted sites using language translation tool:

This is really killer idea and work in most of cases.You can use Google translation service to read any website.Translate the site you wish to read that is seems to be blocked.

5.By using cached webpages:

Access Blocked Websites using cached webpages

You can visit the cached copy of any website by typing the url of the website in search engines.By clicking on cached you can easily access the websites that are blocked.

6.By using Proxy softwares:

 You can easily access the blocked web sites by using web proxy software.They work in similar manner as that we are using proxy website. But main advantage of using proxy software is that we need not use the proxy site each time, just we have to enter the proxy website in proxy software only once and you can directly open that website using your browsers.A proxy server software (or proxies) is a normal computer that hides the identity of computers on its network from the Internet.

See also : Ultrasurf- Free web based proxy software

7. Retrieve webpages via email:

Web2mail is free to use service that enables you reading any webpages directly in your inbox.To request instant delivery of a web page, send an email to [email protected] with the address of the web page you want as the subject of your email message. For example an email with the subject “https://www.ehowportal.com” would request the BBC news. You should receive a reply within 5 minutes.

8.Subscribe to RSS feeds:

If you wants regular updates from any websites, you can subscribe those websites in your rss readers.So you will get regular updates of that websites directly in your RSS readers.

9.Unblock website from host files:

If any user has modified & blocked website from hosts file on windows, you can not open that specific website.You can easily unblock blocked website from hosts file by removing that specific website from it.

10.Unblock Websites from Router:

If your school/college using router, make sure that the website you want to access is blocked from router.If yes, than enter in router’s configuration and remove the website from the blocked list & you have done!

If you are using any other tricks to unblock  blocked website at your workplace, please share it with us by commenting in the comment section below.


  1. All of them above techniques seems to be great to access blocked web sites, but by using cached webpages and Subscribe to RSS feeds are more interesting in my opinion. Thanks Bhavesh for this interesting and useful post 🙂

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