There are basic TT software available in PC that allow you to improve your computer typing speed.Typeracer an interesting & cool website that allow you to check your typing speed online & after typing one paragraph, it will display results of your typing speed, accuracy and time taken to write paragraph.

TypeRacer - Test your typing speed and learn to type faster

After you type underlined word, the underline moves to another word and you will have to type another underlined word.If looks like you are playing racing game with players.There are another two persons racing with you on the same paragraph and after you finish it, they will display your ranking number by comparing another two persons.


Typeracer Features:

  • Showing your typing speed after finishing paragraph.
  • Show accuracy with time taken to write paragraph.
  • Let you race with two virtual peoples in typing.
  • Online typing speed tester.

Check out your typeracer @


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