I was searching for the tool which allows me to delete all tweets at once because deleting each tweet one by one makes me so annoying. I wanted to start with new twitter account without losing my Twitter subscriber.

I found TwitWipe website which helped me to Delete Old Tweet quickly and easily. There are lots of TwitWipe Alternatives, but I like this tool especially because of easy to use. This tool would help you to Delete All Tweets and Re-tweet from your Twitter account quickly. So if you are looking for How to Delete Old Tweet from your account, you are at right place.

Delete My Tweets in Bulk
twit wipe

All you need to do is just log in to TwitWipe & grant TwitWipe access to your Twitter account. Later click on start wiping. Once you have clicked on that link, TwitWipe will start wiping your tweets from your Twitter account and once finished; you will see the message saying that how many numbers of tweets has been deleted with numbers. This tool would help you to remove mass tweets from your account. If you are looking for Deleting Multiple Tweet, this would be the best solution for you.

You are advised to backup your tweets before you start with TwitWipe. Because the process can not be Undo & it’s an irreversible process. TwitWipe is especially useful for the person trying to start with new twitter without losing their subscriber and without changing the user name.

Twitwipe Features

  • Delete All Twitter Posts at once
  • No need to create a fresh twitter account, just use this Tweet wiper tool and start with a fresh account without losing subscribers.

Cons: Too many ads on the website are little bit confusing, but it’s free service. If you think Is TwitWipe Safe, yes definitely it would be. You need to authorize them to delete all your tweets, later on, you can revoke permission from your twitter account to stay on a safer side without any privacy issue.

Do check out this fantastic website @ http://twitwipe.com


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    nice article you have written ,it is informative for us cause of we are making statement and post on twitter but we don’t know how to delete all post in one click in this article Bhavesh give good idea for us to delete all twit.

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