There are so many peoples on the world using Twitter to share their updates, status, and express the way they think. There are so many peoples who are having thousands of tweets in their account and they want to delete tweets with certain keywords from their account. But what is the Easiest Way to Delete Tweets? We have tried TweetEraser and seems effective tool to mass tweet delete from your twitter account.

We also know that deleting tweets one by one consume a hell lot of time and nobody would want to waste their precious time deleting each tweet one by one.  If you are having a twitter account and want to give them new start by wiping your old tweets, Fortunately, there are some best apps to delete tweets in one go like tweet delete that helps you to Delete Tweets in Bulk. Here in this article, we will discuss another tweeteraser that is also similar kind of web app with some interesting features.

Mostly any web app you are using to delete tweets from your account, you will need to login to that website using your Twitter account and authorize that website to access your data in order to delete tweets from your account.

How to Mass Delete Tweets Using TweetEraser

Go to tweeteraser website and there you will find sign in with twitter option, click on it and login with your twitter account

tweet eraser

It will ask you to authorize Tweeteraser to access your Twitter data as shown below. Click on the authorized app to proceed further. Once you logged in, you will see the following screen that is having the option to delete tweets with certain words or hashtag.

Delete Tweets with Certain Words
How to Delete All Tweets

Search: This option allows you to search and delete messages from your timeline as well as from direct messages to your twitter account

Search Option: This option allows you to search specific word or hashtag from your account, including exact match search and delete them.

Date option: This option allows you to Delete Tweets by Year, month or days that comes with earlier, since and between option. This option lets you to Delete Tweets Older Than specific date, month or year depending on the time you select from their option. 

If you are looking for how to delete old tweets, this might be your solution. This helps you to search tweets by date and delete all of them at once.

Once you select all those options, you will have to click on start searching option and it will find tweets from your account based on the specifically searched query. Below is an example of a searched query on the tweetEraser website.

How to Delete Old Tweets
How to Delete Multiple Tweets

For example, I have searched android keyword and clicked on start searching option. It has searched and found around 97 tweets from my account along with dates. There is also a good option to select tweets that you want to delete and by clicking on delete selected items button, those tweets will be deleted from your twitter account.

When you click on delete selected items, it will ask you for your final confirmation with following the message,”  These item(s) will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Are you sure?” Once you click on delete permanently button, your selected tweets will be removed from your account.

Check out below video published by Tech Connections on YouTube.

TweetEraser Features:

  • Delete tweets with certain keywords, hashtag
  • Delete tweets published within a certain time
  • Delete direct messages received by your account
  • You can select which tweets to be deleted in bulk

Check out this interesting free web app @ from here

[Update: 03-01-2018 They have migrated their FREE version to paid version & limited searches to FREE version. You can try FREE version if you have a small task or try Tweetdelete which is their alternative..

You are recommended that you keep backup your tweets before you start with Tweeteraser because it is an irreversible process and you can not undo this action once you deleted your tweets.


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