Setup Tweet to download system for WordPress blog

If you are creative type of person and wish to make your blog famous on twitter this post is right here to help you.Recently while stumbling upon, I found a WordPress plugin that allows you to to add a download system in your WordPress blog if your reader tweet your blog.All you need to do is just offer free download link from your blog & the download stuffs may be any media, PDF file,software, design creatives, tutorials, audio files, videos,  code, torrent files or else.User will have to tweet once that post if they really wish to download your stuffs.

Setup Tweet to download system for WordPress blog

By doing this, you will soon get tons of tweets posted by other user for your blog & your blog will get more fame on twitter. tweet2download is powerful viral twitter marketing tool that asks user effectively to pay with a tweet & obviously user will tweet if you are providing a good content with cool stuffs from your website.

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How to use tweet2download WordPress plugin:

1.You will have to specify whenever you are going to upload new files on your WordPress blog that particular post need tweet to download or not.

2.Make sure to tick “These files will be downloaded using Tweet2Download” whenever you are going to upload any new media files(from wp-admin -> Media -> Add New)  on your website.

3.When editing a post, click the “Add Tweet2Download Button” icon (next to the “Upload/Insert” media icons).

Note: you need to have twitter account & obtain API key by filling the simple forum.

Download & install tweet2download WordPress plugin from WordPress plugin gallery.

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  1. I upload the media with the “this media …. tweet2download” but when I go to add it to a page there is no button, I can click on the side for a to use as tweet2download it does not say in file type tweet2download “file”
    Where is the shortcode and where do I put it.
    STUCK and annoyed!

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