In 2019 I have traveled around 11,000 km but during 2020, Corona affected the travel industry. Not only travel, but it affected almost all industry & global stock market went down. Most of the places I visited was my frequent place to visit, not new. I have traveled across Gujarat only.

Since the world is still under Corona infection, most of the trips have been canceled but as soon as we get the vaccine, we will start exploring new places throughout India. In late 2019, I started a YouTube Channel in Hindi for the places I am visiting & exploring to help others. I have even started posting travel blog posts on this blog here. During Corona lockdown, we got cheated with property fraud and this was the biggest cause of not traveling to the new destinations.

How many Cities & Places I have visited in 2020?Travelling in 2020 by Bhavesh

To keep this on record, I have visited almost 36 cities and 222 places around my state Gujarat.

Google Map has added Your 2020 trend option on email so that we know how much we drive car or bike along with a highlight of cities we have visited.

2020 Travel by Bhavesh Sondagar

I hope, the world will soon get rid of Corona & we can continue exploring new places & destinations around us.

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