Sometime you have think that why I am not able to tweet more than 140 characters. Or I am not able to share big URL on twitter because it says character limit. Well, you can use URL shortening service that lets you to create short URL from long URLs. You might have seen some URL that are too long to copy, paste or remember however by shortenining URL, you would be able to easily share it , remember it. Probloggers are using URL Shortener Tools to mask their affiliate links and get more sales for their affiliate products.

1. Google URL shortener

Source : | After shortening :

It’s popular URL shortening service by Google.Important thing is when you are trying to shorten any URL, it would also disply original screenshot of that URL webpage in sidebar.

Google URL Shortening Service

Feature of this service, is you can keep a track on number of clicks generated through that shortened link. You can also check from which country clicks has generated. If you are in affiliate marketing field, click analysis is important thing to consider.


Source : | After Shortening :

This is another best URL shortening service.Google does not offer us to generate custom shortened URL, however this service offer us to choose custom shortening URL for our shortened URL.

Tiny cc URL Shortening Service

E.g, If you want to short URL randomely, you would get shortened URL like however if you want to choose custom URL, like This allow us to choose custom URL for our URLs to be shortened.

3. – URL redirection service with real-time link tracking

Source : | After shortening :

Bitly - Offers URL redirection service with real-time link tracking also offer URL shortening service but it include both features. Say creating custom shortened URL as well as real time click tracking of your shortened URLs from your dashboard. You can shorten your link directly without login but if you want to keep tracking on your masked affiliate links, you should create free account or login to the website.

4. – Simple URL shortener

Source : | After shortening : is another best URL shortener. It offers URL masking service to all users but without tracking.You can create custom URL for your links for better affiliate conversation. - a URL shortener

5. – shorten that long URL into a tiny URL

Source: | After shortening : - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL

Tinyurl is also offer custom url forwarding service allow you to create custom shortened links for your affiliate links.

6. URL Shortener – Shorten, customize and track your links

Source : | After shortening : URL Shortener - Shorten, customize and track your links

7. – Shorten urls, share files and track visits

Source : | After Shortening : - Shorten urls, share files and track visits - Owly

8. – shorten multiple urls into one

Source : | After shortening :

Replace multiple urls with just a single url using

I found this is useful and extraordinary URL shortening service than others. You can combine multiple URLs into single shortened URL and it share it. When your readers click on shortened links, they would be able to navigate from one to another link from the header bar. There would be headerbar on the top for navigation your shortened link.

9. McAfee | Secure Short URL Service

Source : | After shortening :

McAfee URL shortener service

If you don’t know about mcafee short URL service, here it is. You can create safe and shortened URLs for your links with McAfee.It does not offer custom us to create custom URLs. It generate random code after url.

10. Snipurl / Snurl / Snipr / / – Snippetty snip

Source : | After shortening :

This is another extra ordinary URL shortener that with which you can make money.Well, this website doesn’t provide any money to you, but you can create short link for your downloads and password protect your shortened links using snipurl.

Create Password Protected Shortened Links

If anyone tries to download using that short link, he would be asked for passcode. Upon entering right password, he would be redirected to original source of shortened links.

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Source : | Shortened Link :

This is bonus URL shortening service. You can directly make money by shortening your links.

URL Shortening Service

You have to create free account with adfly and on dashboard, you would see URL shrinking option. Add your long URL there and click on shrink button. It would shorten your link.When user clicks on shortened link, user would be redirected to ads page. After 5 second there is an option to skip ads. User would skip ads and redirected to original landing page.User would be shown ads and you will earn money based on the percentage of traffic you receive.

Specially for bloggers :

If you are managing WordPress blog, specially promoting affiliate products on your blog. You should use premium URL Shortener Tools like Prettylinkpro.It makes your affiliate links simple, shortened, cloaked. You can directly manage it through your WordPress admin dashboard. You can make your own url shortener for your blog easily.You can also try Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugin which is available free on WordPress plugin gallery.


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