When you buy branded laptops for your work, it comes with inbuilt battery monitoring software.Those battery monitoring software sits in system tray and lets you informed about the charging/discharging battery in percentage.If do not like the default battery monitoring widget, you can go for installing other recommended free laptop battery monitoring software from us.


BatteryBar  the most accurate battery meter for Windows

Batterybar is simple but still useful battery widget for your laptop.You can see the percentage of battery remaining with battery capacity. It also help to let you know about the remaining time, so that you can know when to charge your laptop.Batterybar is available in free & paid version.Free version comes with basic features, but paid version has some advanced features.

BatteryBar Features:

  • Statistical time protection.
  • Always on battery icon with real time battery protection.
  • View graph of battery profile(Pro Version)
Download Batterybar @ http://batterybarpro.com/
2.Power meter Plus
Tools For Laptop Battery Monitoring
Power meter plus is an interesting widget. It gradually appears as the power levels drop. The lower the power, the more prominent the meter will you see.It is around 135 KB in file size saves your battery because you can see the notification right from your desktop.The best part of the useful tool is that it automatically changes its position to be in the part of the screen you are not using and to not to interfare in your work.
If you are using any other tool than mentioned here, please share it by commenting in the comment section below.


  1. I use BatteryBar application. It provides all the information about the battery that I might need. And I’d recommend to upgrade the app to a Pro version as it provides some more really useful features.

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