What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it is one of the latest technologies that allow the users to access different resources located on the remote networks. You can get access to your files, folders, printers, database and even private websites using the VPN software. This system makes use of the intermediate networks or internet to connect the computers to isolated and aloof computer networks that are remotely located.

Without the VPN software, it would have been impossible to access those resources. In fact, these VPNs offer you an excellent opportunity to access your home computer from anywhere in the world through the internet. Nowadays there are some VPN apps that can be used as browser extension like Zenmate, that offers FREE unlimited VPN.There is many VPN service provider that can be readily used and they are compatible with plenty of different servers.

Hotspot Shield

Free Online VPN Proxy
Free Online VPN Proxy

This software is free for all the users that want to use it with Mac and Windows. This is considered as an excellent VPN solution to offer you an unlimited bandwidth. No doubt, it supports a wide variety of languages depending on the target locations such as French, English, Chinese, Russian, Persian, Vietnamese and Arabic.

If you are interested in using this VPN solution, you are just needed to download it and install it in your system. On every web page you visit, there will be some supportive ads.

Cisco VPN

cisco VPN

Cisco has created a niche in the field of education and corporate sector, and it offers you great exposure to brilliant Free VPN Online service.  There is not a fixed price to run the Cisco VPN rather it is entirely random and significantly variable.

You will have to ask for a quote from the company if you want to run its VPN. However, Cisco also offers its free downloadable version to the end users of Mac and Windows.

Loki VPN Client

Loki VPN Client

Although it only works with the Windows clients, Loki VPN Client will offer you a free VPN service and software to the users. It provides you with 30-minute connection limit per time, and you will enjoy its unlimited data tariff.

You do not need to get registered. The clients are required to download and install the VPN software before running and connecting it to the server.

LogMeIn Hamachi

LogMeIn Hamachi
VPN Download

Hamachi has offered an exceedingly convenient and easy user interface when you run the LogMeIn VPN client. If the users are not interested in configuring the intermediate routers through open source firmware packages, Hamachi VPN solution is the best one for you.

You can connect this virtual network between office, friend and any other location in your mind. Just install the LogMeIn Hamachi VPN service on the machine devices and you are simply done with it. It is free and quite compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows.


SecurityKiss Best VPN Tools
Best VPN Tools

This is one of the most demanded VPN software but will work with Windows users only. However, it can simply offer you free data transfer of 300 MB every day.

This software does not require any user registration. It simply means that you require downloading and installing the SecurityKiss VPN software to run it.

Summary: – VPN software or programs have revolutionised the trend to access database and files in remote locations. The data can be accessed by numerous VPN solutions available online and most of them are free.


  1. Nicely explained about VPN. Well, I have used Hotspot Shield, it works great, but it’s good to know more alternatives. Thanks Kady for sharing this list of VPN’s softwares 🙂

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