Search Engine Optimization is a process that may cause a lot of confusion in people that do not know what this is all about. While SEO is usually handled by experts, when great results are expected, there are plenty of beginners in this field that fall prey to some very common SEO mistakes.Top 20 Mistakes You Should Avoid As SEO Beginners

  1. Poor targeted keywords – Identifying a few keywords related to content is not enough to obtain great results; they need to be well targeted for the right audience. If you are managing niche websites, you should consider creating post for your primary keyword of your blog. Also keyword stuffing is another  mistake that should be avoided.

  2. Poor use of meta tags – Meta tags should include the right keywords in order to attract more traffic; vague meta tags result in an invisible (to search engines) website. Check more details about meta tags & description on moz.

  3. Poor understanding of keyword density – While including the right keywords is recommended, over keyword stuffing the text will hurt the reputation of a page.

    Generally for WordPress, you can use SEOPressor Plugin to optimize your post with SEO Score that will show you your keyword density along with total on page seo score.

  4. Spamming – Poor quality backlinks decrease the reputation of a website and cause it to score worse in search engine results.If you buy 10K backlinks from fiverr, it will help you to rank temporarily but not soon your blog would be penalized by Search engine, sometime your blog result would also completely wiped out of SERP.

    So you need to try to get quality backlinks from reputed sites as well as try to publish high quality content that are useful for readers and readers would share it.

  5. Poor navigation – A website that does have poor navigation implemented on its pages has chances of being ignored by search engine crawlers.Bad navigation without proper interlinking would increase in bounce rate of your blog. It is one of the most common Startup SEO Mistakes as a beginner.

    You can use best internal content linking practice to avoid that mistake.If you do not much about internal linking, you can use WordPress plugin to interlink content.

  6. Poor usage of anchor texts – Anchor texts are the bread and butter of SEO experts; they must contain the targeted keywords, in order to be relevant for search engines, such as Google.As per WikiPedia, there are following types of anchor texts, those are Exact Match anchor text, Branded Anchor text, Naked Links, Generic Anchor text, Image anchor text.

    When building backlinks for your blog, you should consider using anchor text variation. Never use exact match anchor text for all backlinks, you will soon caught by Search engine.When trying to get backlinks, try to varies your anchor text, it will help in ranking quickly.

  7. Fast acquisition of backlinks – Websites that acquire too many backlinks in a very short time usually raise an alert flag to search engine spiders, and they drop significantly in search results.So try to get backlinks slowly.

    Never purchase backlinks from fiverr like sites to rank quickly. You will soon caught by search engine and may be penalized.

  8. Not relying on actual content – Focusing on SEO techniques alone and neglecting actual content is a very common mistake, and one that drags down the reputation of a website.This is also Most Common Mistake in blogging and SEO field.

  9. Not evaluating the quality of incoming links – Not all links provide the same authority value for SEO, and some can even be harmful for a website.

    If you are getting backlinks from spammy sits or pornographic content, you should content website owner to remove your links or disavow such links from Google or Bing Webmaster tools account.

  10. Not understanding that SEO is an on-going process – Applying SEO techniques only one time is a major mistake, as things change about users’ preferences change all the time.

  11. Over-optimization – Doing too much is as bad for business as doing too little, so it is very important to keep SEO efforts in check. You can also use SEO by SQUIRRLY Plugin to check on page seo for your post.

  12. Choosing the wrong CMS – An SEO friendly content management system(CMS) can make an important difference.You can choose WordPress for better performance, however you can use blogspot as well as other CMS as beginers. You can go for WordPress since it holds too many SEO features that you can customize and make your blog SEO Friendly. (Check out FREE WordPress Setup Service)

  13. Too much Flash – Flash pages are not indexed by search engines, so they do not count for any SEO efforts.  Never try to use too much flash content or flash content containing website, or use it as less as you can do. Try to fill up your blog with useful content with attractive titles.

  14. Using duplicate content – Copyright infringement can lead to banning of a site for illegal practices.Recently Panda updates has down search engine ranking of lots of blogs because of copyrighted contents and such blogging seo mistakes.

    See Also : How to recover from Google Panda Update

  15. Not using a 301 redirect – To avoid the problem of accidental duplicate content, SEO practitioners must use the proper redirects.

  16. Too often resubmission – Over-soliciting search engines through resubmission can hurt the reputation of a website.

  17. Irrelevant content – Content that contains the right keywords, but carries no relevance to the topic, is considered spamming.Remember that content is king in blogging world.

  18. Too many Ads– A website rich in graphics, but poor in written content, cannot be properly optimized for search engines.Try to write quality content with proper SEO practice will rank your website in Search engine results page.

  19. Not Using Image or Videos in the Post – If you are creating any post, try to use relevant videos or photos in the post, it is ranking signal for search engine.
  20. Page Loading Time : Try to improve page loading time, because page loading time matters in ranking.
  21. Rel=Canonical: When you use canonical properly, it prevent search engine to consider your blog’s page as duplicate content and helps in fixing duplicate content issue in WordPress.


  1. Excelletn and useful list. Yes, duplicate content and poor navigation are one of the most important factors to be avoided. Thanks for this informative post.

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