Search Engine Optimization which is commonly called as SEO is actually a process of improvising the visibility or exposure of a page or website in the search engines’, organic, natural or algorithmic search engine results. SEO Analysis tools can help you to analyse competition and suggest further steps towards optimizing your website for search engine. SEO can be exceedingly beneficial for your site, however; it can even damage your site if you are not utilizing the ethical means. Being a newbie, you must check out the SEO guides before moving ahead.

The SEO process is not at all a science, but all about link building, content creation, website analysis, Keyword Density, Keyword Research, Title, Meta Tags Analysis, Website Page Speed, and Competitor Analysis. There are several different portals that can help you analyze your site both On-Page and Off-Page SEO Analysis.

I’m to list down top 10 different websites which offer users with comprehensive Webmaster tools which are not just restricted to SEO. Tools offered with these portals are: Duplicate Content Checker, Robot.txt, PageRank, Link Popularity, Meta Tag Generator, Sitemap, Link Exchange, Domain Tools, SERPs, Keyword Suggestion, Keyword Density, HTML Validation, Backlink Tracking, Alexa Rank Check, and many others.

Top Ten SEO Analysis Tools on the Web

SEO Book

Website Analytics & Traffic Measurement Tools: SEO

This portal offers a broad range of paid as well as free SEO tools to make use of. Some of the renowned tools offered are Typo Generator, Keyword Wrapper , Page Comparison Tool, Keyword Density Analyzer, Spider Test Tool, Link Suggestion Tool, Server Header Checker, Meta Tag Generators, Robots.txt Tool, Keyword List Cleaner, Keyword List Generator and Keyword Suggestion Tool.

Internet Marketing Ninjas

Internet Marketing Ninjas

The site offers webmasters with Search Combination Tool, Password Generator, Meta Tag Generator, Keyword Density Analysis Tool, the Header Checker Tool, On-Page Optimization Tool, Google Sitemap Generator, Website Speed Test Tool, SEO Comparison Tool, Broken Links as well as Redirects Checker with a lot more.


Ranks NL Webmaster Tools

If you are considering analyzing the Keywords Density, then you can check out the Ranks.NL portal. It offers Keyword Proximity Analyzer, Article Analyzer, Search Engine Comparison Tool, with much more.


Linkvendor - Professional SEO Tools

On this portal, you can easily evaluate your Social Visibility  and SEO. You can check out various other useful tools on the site such as Domains and Server Tools,  Link Tools, Keyword Tools, Website Analysis Tools, with many more. Unfortunately, this tool is no longer available.



It is an inclusive site that offers not only SEO but Webmaster tools for a comprehensive SEO, Website Research and Analysis. You can make use of different tools like Source Code Tools, IP Tools, Header/Tag Tools, Search Engine Tools, Keyword Tools, Link Tools, Website Rank Checkers, and other varied Tools.



You can get hold of numerous different SEO Tools like URL Rewriting Tool, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Domain Age Tool, Reciprocal Link Checker, Keyword Density Checker, Similar Page Checker, Backlink Tracker, Backlink Anchor Text Analysis, and Keyword based Domain Suggestion Tool.

Search Engine Genie

Search engine optimization SEO Company Promotion ranking

it is a SEO based company offering more than 100 SEO tools free of charge. The tools mainly are JavaScript Tools, Keyword Tools, HTML Validator, Ping Test Tool, Reciprocal Link Checker, Page Comparison, Backlink Analysis, Google Datacenter Checker, IP Checker, PageRank Checker, Domain Age Checker, Rank Checkers and many more.


Dave Naylor Tools | Dave Naylor a UK SEO Company and Search

You can opt for 3 different flagship tools on this portal. Playground, Geo Targeting and Keyword Density Tool. The Playground enables users to pull up their site and analyze the performance and find out other relevant info such as Keyword Density, Cached pages as well as PageRank.

The GeoTargeting feature allows users to check the Geolocation and IP address of every URL being entered and with the help of the Keyword Density Tool a comprehensive keyword density analysis.


SEOCentro | Latest SEO & Search Engines News

On this site you can find tools such as a Keyword Density Tool, Search Engine Saturation, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Page Keyword Analyzer, PageRank Check Tool, Link Popularity Tool, Meta Tag Analyzer and Keyword Position Check.

Submit Express

SEO Analysis Tool - Submit Express

You can get access to a broad range of SEO Analysis tools. Some of the free tools offered are Link Counter, Broken Link Checker, SEO Dictionary, Sitemap Submission, Link Popularity Checker, Keyword Analyzer, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Meta Tag, Free Website Submission, and more.

SEMrush SEM Tool

This is one of the best SEM tool for keyword research and SEO analysis for any blog url or keyword.. You can easily check for the errors and broken links from your website or perform SEO audit for your blog using SEMrush. We have recently shared SEMrush PRO account coupon code by which you can use SEMrush PRO for 14 days totally free.

SEmrush Dashboard Keyword Research

If you are niche blogger, this tool would help you for Niche Keyword Research that is important for any niche blog to survive in the competition. Love SEMRush? Want semrush coupon ? Get your 14 days FREE trial of SEMRush using this coupon code.