A barcode reader is now in everyone’s pocket, thanks to the smart phones and a number of freely available apps. Invented back in 1994 for industrial usage, QR Codes (Quick response codes) have now gone viral. You can share information such as URLs, text notes, phone numbers and addresses with your friends without going through the hassle of typing them. Just generate a QR code and let your friend focus his Smartphone’s camera on it. You are done. So simple, isn’t it?

QR codes can do more than just sharing text notes. You can share a calendar entry, a vCard entry, a picture gallery and ton of other stuffs with ease. Most of the appstores and appmakers are now using QR codes for the easy access to their apps. No need to search an app in the store, just hover you camera on the code and let your phone do the rest.
Now if you think you need to be a geek to generate QR codes, you are wrong. With a number of free and paid web services, generating QR codes have gone as easy as typing (or copy-pasting) the information in a box.
Here in this post we will discuss about top 10 websites and tools to generate QR codes easily.


QR Code Generator and Management with Tracking  Analytics and Support

This one is the most popular QR code generator. Just input the entry and hit on Generate free button. Additionally, the website also offers you to generate dynamic or changeable QR codes.


QR Code generator   create QR Codes  for free   logo  business card  vCard

This one is an instant code generator. The moment you start typing in the box, the code is generated. It saves you the effort of clicking the generate button. Best if you are a lazy geek.

Zxing: Zxing provides an easy to use UI to generate QR codes. In addition to regular stuffs, it also helps you generate a code for Wi-Fi networks.

BeQrious: Beqrious not just let you generate QR codes but provides analytics as well. So if you want to run a QR code campaign and keep a track of scans, go for it.

Delivr: Want to distribute your RSS feeds via QR codes, head to Delivr.

Azonmedia : Lets you share ready to send emails, app links, messenger pins, YouTube videos for iPhone etc [Update : It has been discontinued]

Sparqcode: Another instant code generator. Just like Goqr.[Update : It has been discontinued]

Online QR Lab: One of the simplest set up to code and decode the QR codes.

Beetagg: Lets you create dynamic QR codes with tracking and editing capabilities in seconds.

ChromeApp: Want to create QR codes right from you app browser. Install this chrome extension in your Google chrome browser. You don’t need to type or copy paste in any box. This extension helps you creating codes from the current page, link or selected text with the help of a quick and easy right click menu.

Did I miss a good website or tool to create QR codes? Do you have some better options? Do share your knowledge with us through the comments below.