Facebook is nowadays becoming more and more popular social networking website.I am still searching for the Funny Facebook pages which is regularly updates funny quotes, funny images that make me laugh with each status.Here I would like to share some of funny Facebook fanpages that you can’t stop your self from liking that page.

1.The Ultimate Quotes:)-It is very funny Facebook fanpage having more than 245,612 Fan Likes.I think such huge amount of peoples are liking that page.The page mostly liked by peoples ranging from 18-24 years younger peoples.

[Update : This page URL is no longer available]

The Ultimate Quotes

Whenever new photo or images has posted in the fanpage,it will automatically liked by thousands of people within a day or two with more than 100 comments on each posts.Sometimes there is funny quotes are posted in plain text but they are more meaningful & awesome.I think you might check the fanpage now.

2.Kya Hai Yrr-This is another funny fanpage which is made from New Delhi- A State of India.The page name is actually in Hindi-English Language.The page name is Kya Hai Yrr,meaning that “What is this yaar”!There is facebook fanpage cover image is I think made for specially upcoming Holi festival.

[Update : This page URL is no longer available]

Kya Hai Yrr

The page has around 29,460 fanpage likes along with 7661 peoples talking about that page.It posts funny quotes with images and funny lines on their fanpage,so people really like the page.In that page,I am sure you would like the images posted by them and you will surely share funny images from there to your Facebook timeline.

3.Kuch Bhi-The page name is also in Hindi-English language.Kuch Bhi is hindi word which meaning “Anything”.The Fanpage has got more than 55,200 likes as of now with 20,067 peoples talking about this page.

Kuch Bhi

The pageowner has not updated fanpage timeline on the page,but it still rocking with lots of users like.Each time they share something new as per their name and I think Fanpage name is really prove everything posted on their page.

4.Jokezone-As the Name suggests,the fanpage is sharing cool and funny jokes & sometimes funny videos on their fanpage.As of now,the fanpage has more than 120,300 likes along with 83,874 peoples talking about this.Sometimes they are sharing watermarked images on their fanpages to prevent it from content scrappers.


The page has also not been updated to timeline but I think It will updated very soon.The logo of the fanpage it self says be happy & content posted there is proving that laughter is their religion.

5.Think Different-It is another funny but sometimes useful fanpage that you might like to know about.The fanpage shares some images that force you to think about it from different angle.The Fanpage has got more than 163,200+ likes as of now with 80,250+ peoples talking about.

[Update : This page URL is no longer available]

Think Different

The logo of fanpage is also looking something different.It says I am not the best and below that line it says but I am not like the Best.

6.Only For Boys (ßöYŞ ŞƬƱϝϝ)-The timeline cover of this page says itself it is something different.The name is also quite different than other fanpages.The fanpage is sharing funny quotes,useful quotes with images & sometimes funny videos too.

Only For Boys

It has changed it’s timeline cover recently and when I opened the fanpage,I shocked.I thought my internet connection is not properly working because it was saying that cover is loading.Please wait.But after waiting for sometime I cam to know that is the fanpage cover only.

7.I ƝЄЄƊ ƛ ƓɩʀլƒʀɩєɲɗI liked this page just from looking at the name of Fanpage name.As it says I need a Girlfriend,I though it was sharing some sad shayri and sad quotes about love.When I liked the page and started getting update from this page,I really liked that fanpage.

I need a Girlfriend

I don’t know why the group has only 1,979 likes with 4,608 talking about this.Such funny and amazing fanpage must have some more likes.The logo of this page says something funny,”Yes, You are my next Girlfriend”.

8.Wht Do U wAnT to Do b4 u DIE?-I like the fanpage name,because it says something to do before die.It shares some cool images with funny sharing.

Before Die

The fanpage has 17,353 likes with 1,611 talking about this.It looks something to do at the last moment of our life.Some of shared image sand quotes are really needs to be liked.

9.Bhaiya jee smile-The fanpage cover is really lol.The name of fanpage is in Hindi-English mixed language.The actual meaning of Bhaiya Jee Smaile is “Brother, Smile please”!

Bhaiya jee smile

The fanpage is also sharing lots of cool stuffs liked by hundreds of peoples.The fanpage has aroun 7,378 likes with 1,887 talking about it.

10.Fun Unlimited-This fanpage is owned by me and I had recently made this fanpage.The fanpage has only 20 likes with 4 talking about this.

Fun Unlimited

I have recently changed my Facebook fanpage to Facebook timeline with new cover.I am regularly updating it with new content & funny sharing.I think you would like this page because it contains lots of funny things inside as it’s name is Fun Unlimited.You will have unlimited fun from this fanpage.

Please share any funny Facebook fanpage you like most by commenting in the comment section below.I would like to like that funny fanpage that you like!

Keep smiling !

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