For WordPress users, the desktop blogging clients are very much important. Moreover, these blogging clients also save time and labor for the bloggers as well. The main advantage of these blogging clients is that you can blog through these tools without logging into your WordPress  Since, it is easy to do your blogging works with these tools more efficiently. Moreover, these clients will allow you to manage the multiple blogs of the multiple OS platforms. Since, you will no longer need to log into your blogging admin page for doing the blogging works. Rather, you can write your articles on the fly without any problems. In the market, there are a lot of desktop blogging clients available for the WordPress platform. So you explore the top 10 desktop blogging clients in the WordPress format.



It is a simple blogging client for WordPress. Since, its simple interface will make your blogging jobs easy. Through this client you write the article and also can do the spell-check of your article as well.

Live Writer

Download Windows Live Writer from Official Microsoft Download

This desktop blogging client comes from Microsoft family. It is one of the powerful desktop blogging clients in the WordPress community. The main plus point of this client is that it will provide you all features of a blogging editor. Of course it is free software. As far as its interface is concerned, you will get the Microsoft Office look in this blogging client. Every aspect of writing article in this client will be enjoyable. Since, its ceaseless performance will amaze you. Moreover, its smooth interface will increase your writing efficiency to a higher proportion.


This tiny desktop blogging client will make your blogging experience more enjoyable. Its interface is like a Windows WordPad. So you can write your article with the basic features of blogging software in this client. Moreover, you will get a spell checker, word count, supports for all current blog services and other great features. Actually, it is a complete blogging client for any WordPress user.


It is a cross platform blogging client for the WordPress users. Moreover, it supports all blogging platforms. The advance features of this client will make your blogging jobs easy and comfortable. This blogging software is localized for several languages of the world. This client is developed in such a way that the blogger can manage its blogging stuffs easily.


The main advantage of this blogging client is that it has a cross-platform feature. So you can use in Windows, Mac or Linux. This client also supports all blogging platforms. Even, its performance in WordPress is highly appreciable. Because, its ceaseless services will give you a peaceful experience for any blogging job.


It is an open source blogging client for the WordPress users. Since, it is free to use, and also it is a powerful blogging client for your WordPress needs.


This interesting blogging client has all basic features of a blogging application. Moreover, it has a feature which is called DropPad. It will help you to drag and drop any image on it for instant publishing on your blog.


This portable blogging application will give you an opportunity to carry on any pen drive. It also will take a very little space in your computer. Some outstanding features like spell check and image Uploader are available in this client.


This good looking blogging client will give you an opportunity to carry it on any pen drive. It has a file upload function for uploading purpose. It has a hot key function which will make your blogging quicker.

Zoundry Raven 

It is a very easy to use word processor. So you can write your article in it with ease. It supports all blogging platforms.

Therefore, these top 10 blogging clients will not only help the WordPress bloggers for their daily blogging jobs more easy rather it will also increase their blogging skills as well.


  1. I tried a few of those clients myself and settled with BlogDesk, its pretty simple and basic, but really fast and works for me. I only tested it with WordPress thou, so I have no idea how well it works with other platforms. The only problem with this utility, is the lack of updates.

  2. Its pretty simple and basic, but really fast and works for me. I only tested it with WordPress thou, so I have no idea how well it works with other platforms. Thank you for sharing this blog.

  3. I am really delighted to read this blog posts which consists of tons of valuable data, thanks for providing these kinds of data.

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