Ever tried opening more than 30 tabs on your chrome? When you try, you will not be able to see a favicon of your browsed page.Tab Management Extension for Chrome will helps you to manage your Google Chrome tab in an easy way.It will improve your browsing, and let you be a tab’aholic guiltfree!

TooManyTabs for Google Chrome

TooManyTabs extension for Google chrome is a must-have extension that manages your tabs, reduces your tab overflow, and saves your sanity! If you are Mozilla Firefox addict then TooManyTabs for Firefox is also available to download.

TooManyTabs features:

  • Clear view of all tabs in current window.
  • Preview of each tab (filled up gradually).
  • Instant tab search upon opening.
  • Tab sorting by time, name and URL .
  • Tab count to warn you of tab overflow.
  • Allows “suspension” of tabs to a column and “restore” later to reduce overflow of tabs .
  • Provides a list of Recently Closed Tabs for guiltless tab closing.
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You can check out TooManyTabs for Chrome @ http://www.visibotech.com/TMTChrome/