The eBook Cover Designs

Firstly we have to know what kind of people visits frequently Fiverr, most answers is ‘Marketers’. A while ago Fiverr, product creators need the cover for their eBook will fight to freelancing websites by a bargain. It would cost to them normally $30 to get a half decent one done. General Price is $50. Serious persons, which would pay professional designers to design their covers for them.

This changing started in 2010. Normally the creators start to search to have more cheaper product alternatives, then start thinking of the looks like of the gigs to successful.

Ebook Covers

How can you offer this gig?

Step 1: Register. If you have a version which is FREE one, it will enough you for begin, but I advise you a PAID one because it will be unlimited downloads.

Step 2: Decide the eBook cover which will be sell the BEST…

Step 3: The reason of my choice for this web site is that there are so much high quality FREE backgrounds, photos, graphics. You can use his materials on your eBook cover and create incredible covers.

Step 4: You can create your own Gig in Fiverr but you must care about that it will be different from else. It won’t be get banned. Firstly you must care about it then you can following the titles, descriptions, delivery time, etc.

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Big Niche Lists

There are a lot of persons who need the list of the directories which they can send heir articles in that market. So they might to increase their SEO rating for their backlinks.

Generally peoples use software such as Scrapebox(very powerful) but it is wrong to work with old list. Normally they covers a few hundred links (which is still a lot) but it’s not enough to make an impact. So It is not easy to have and prepare a good list.

A big chance for them, Fiverr has such gigs that offer them.


Step 1: For this gig, firstly needed the list. You can supply from someone who offers it. For a Scrapebox list, just go to and search for “biggest scrape box list “. You can buy the list from one of the providers. It could be either gets a zip, rar or text file.

Step 2: You have to follow tightly reference given in image and offer it as an EXPRESS 24 hours gig. It will be very simple. The message will be “Get this biggest list ever in the fastest possible time”.

Step 3: To get a great reviews, then you will certainly have to over deliver on this gig. Everything is here what you need. If you have a 50,000 list, then say like you have a 30,000 list and over deliver by sending 20,000 more. If you have a 500k list, say as you have 250k and double it up. If your customer asks for DOUBLE the already large list, you can get super reviews fast. The simplest way to complete a gig in a few minutes is that. Copy, paste, attach. Just do it! You can use AMR list.Bookmarking demon list , Pligg list , email list and many more for sell.