Everything you need to know about Niche Websites!

Looking for something?

Simply search it online & you will get what you are looking for, right?

Have you ever thought, how you are easily find everything online? Because someone has created it.

Some blogger has created and shared that information with passion and sharing you detailed information on a topic that you are looking for.

Why Selecting a Niche is a Key to create a Successful Blog

Do you want to start a blog? But not able to find out your passion or which niche to create a successful blog on? I have created a FREE blogging course for you to help you with starting your own blog. Just leave your email address below & I will help you with step by step guide from building your website or blog to start making your first online income.

I will show you proof of having a specific niche blog that generates more money than general niche blog.

Check below image of my Amazon affiliate earnings report for last year’s report.Amazon Affiliate Earning Report

Refer first 2 lines which I have highlighted using the green box, where the first line shows it has received 4277 clicks while that brings 478 orders on Amazon. On the second line, it received 11,549 clicks but only 176 items were ordered on Amazon.

Tracking ID on the first line is a niche website which receives less traffics & click but generating more revenue than the websites is in general niche with good traffics and click. It is because niche specific site receives targeted traffic & will surely have a good conversation rate than general niche websites.

I hope you got an idea of money making capacity of niche websites vs multi-topic websites. So, it is the first step to choose your niche you are passionate about.

What are Niche Websites/Blogs

Niche websites or blogs are category specific blogs that give information on focused topics. Suppose you are a doctor and want to start a blog, niche of your blog should be health related. Likewise, if you are a gym trainer, you should start a topic on health & fitness.

The reason for selecting those niche for you is, you know better than others about this topic. Suppose you are a doctor or lawyer and start a fashion niche blog, it’s not a wise decision. As you will need to spend more time to know about that niche and write about it. Instead of that, choose the topic which you know very well & passionate about.

There are hundreds of topics you can write about, just take a look around you. Fashion, Business, Finance, Health, Shopping, Women, Personality Development, Auto and numerous categories are there to choose from.

Previously a website called about.com which has been renamed to dotdash.com. Previously they were providing information on all niche & it was multi-topic websites. But with the passage of time & search engine algorithm update, they started niche specific blogs & split their content into multiple categories, domains & websites. You can check out their website to find out how many websites they divided their content into.

Same happened with hubpages.com & Squidoo which was multi-author revenue sharing websites. Hubpages acquired Squidoo & also they divided their multi-topic content into niche specific domains. Check Hubpages Homepage to find out a number of domains listed there along with their content.

I recommend you to start with a specific niche topic blog instead of a multi-topic blog. Even if you start one, you should work hard to get traffic on your blog. So it’s a wise decision to start niche focused blog.

Tips for Finding a Profitable Blogging Niche

I assume that you have decided now what topic you should create your blog on. Check out a few ideas & tips on how to find a profitable niche that helps you to turn your blog into a successful income stream by generating more traffic to your blog.

Tips For Finding Profitable Blogging NicheSelect a Topic You Love

Starting a blog is fun if you choose what you love. There are very basic technical steps involved in starting a blog that you will find the full tutorial here to get started. That step by step tutorial will help you set up domain name & hosting, Install WordPress on your server and writing your first article.

I have seen many bloggers giving up after a few months of starting their blog, just because they are not earning. It may be because they started a blog by seeing other’s website, but selected a topic that they don’t love or don’t have any interest. So it’s very important that you pick a topic for your blog that you would like to learn & talk about.

It may be your hobby, your work or something like this, you don’t need to be an expert on the topic, but it should be something like that that you get excited talking & writing about it. But if you are starting a blog on financial advisory or law-related topic, you must be careful of giving right tips to stay away from legal actions. Just take a pen & paper & write down at least 10 to 15 blog post titles to see which is the best category you can write about.

Do a Market Research

Once you have selected a topic, It’s time to do market research & check competition on a topic so that you can get an idea. This step will help you to make sure that your blog’s topic is profitable on a long run. Here is how you can get started.

Let’s say cycling is one of your hobbies & you want to start a blog on it. You should check out if there is enough audience looking for the topic & how many peoples already working on this niche. E.g. You should select a topic that has good searches & there are fewer blogs on that niche.

What if I am not able to Find such Topics

You can check out this post on keyword research to find out how it works. If you will find a number of blogs on your selected niche, don’t worry. Just choose the topic, start your blog on that topic & do proper keyword research using Long Tail Pro.

This tool helps you to find out the topics from your seed keywords & you can filter keywords by checking it’s competitiveness for ranking. So even if your topic has so many blogs & results, you will always find a room for your topic that gets good traffic. You can signup for 7 Days Free Long Tail Pro Trial from here.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a FREE keyword research tool that helps you how many peoples actually looking for the specified topic. Google Trends

This graph on Google Trends will show you the interest of users is raising or declining over time. Avoid the topics that show a downward graph interested to build a long-term successful blog. You can see “Cycling” topic is stable and has to raise graph, so you can go ahead with this topic.

Don’t worry about keyword competitiveness or keyword research as of now. You can easily find a good topic with low keyword competitiveness using LongTailPro.

Digg Deeper

Now let’s check out the kind of competition your blog has. Search your topic on Google to see how many results you see on search engine result page.

Start a Blog on Cycling

Cycling keyword is a broad keyword that has monthly 27100 searches on Google & there are so many websites to compete with. You can scroll down to see other websites & you will notice some other related search terms. You can select a search term to see how many monthly searches that specific keyword receives every month.

If you are passionate about the topics but has too much competition, don’t worry about it. Just start a blog on it and make use of low competitive keywords & titles. You can not rank for the main keyword but you will be able to rank for various long tail keywords that convert best.

Follow the steps below to find out low competitive keywords for your niche blog.

How to find Low competitive Keywords

You can use Keyword Everywhere Google Chrome extension to see a number of searches, CPC & related keywords on search engine result page.

Search your keyword in Google like this in Google as shown in the image below.How to find Low compatitive Keywords

You can take an idea of keywords on the sidebar that is suggested by this chrome extension and people also ask option. Above keyword has 170 monthly searches & have 20 results in search engine result page when we search like this.

Here is another example of finding low competitive keywords for your niche.Secret to SEO Success - Find Low Competition Keywords

Above keyword has monthly 320 searches and has only 30 results when we searched in Google about this. These are long tail keywords that are low competitive keywords and easy to rank in search engine.

How To Choose The Perfect Niche For Your Blog

You can use a long tail pro to find out hundreds of such keywords for your niche blog. You just need to enter a seed keyword & you will receive hundreds of titles that are good enough to rank. We will create a separate article on Long Tail Pro Review for you soon.

Make money from it

When you find your topics & titles, you should make sure you can monetize your blog. Search for your keywords + affiliate programs to find out a suitable program for any niche.

Let’s take the example of Cycling niche. We have to search for Cycling affiliate programs on Google to find out whether we can monetize it with affiliate programs or not. You may even be contacted by brands that pay for sponsored blog posts in your niche if you are receiving a good amount of traffic.

You can also promote cycling accessories, cycle, and many more things depending on your creativity and thoughts. Any niche can be monetized!

If you don’t find any affiliate network for your niche, you can monetize your blog with Google Adsense or Chitika that display advertising banner on your site and you can make money from your blog.

Want to start your own blog? I have made everything easy for you & created a FREE course on blogging that will guide you from creating your own blog to making money online.

Join this FREE course now!

Over to You

Once you find the perfect & profitable niche for your blog, start posting the in-depth content & interlink them to get more traffic & conversation rate. Be consistent & schedule your post when you are not available. Share it on social media & start getting traffic to your blog. You will start seeing your blog’s visitors converted into your regular readers & income from your hard work too. But it takes time, So, be patient & work hard.


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    I have a question that I have been wondering for a while: can you sell your niche blog? I mean, when your blog reaches the number 1 spot on the serps, can you sell that? Or does that only work for websites? Thank you.

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