Do you love traveling? Or just you are starting your first long drive? In this article, we have mentioned about the best things that you can pack before a road trip. If you are planning a road trip with your family members or friends, then this article is much useful for you. You can follow this guide to know what kind of stuff you can pack before a road trip.

These all below listed things are very important when you go on a road trip with your family members and friends. Without wasting time, let’s take a look at these most important things that you should always have to keep while on a road trip.

Things To Pack For a Road Trip

Here is the list of the most important things that you can pack for a road trip. Before moving forward, make sure that you have packed all papers related to your car such as License, Registration, Car insurance, etc.

You should also have to keep the spare tire of your car and car’s user manual. For a road trip, you also have to keep other roadside emergency kits such as Light Sticks, Battery Booster Cables, Emergency Rain Poncho, Tire Pressure Gauge, Reflective Vest, Warning triangle, etc.

Things To Pack For a Road Trip

The maximum long drive I took on a bike to date is 1500 kilometers in 3 days, which was the highest long drive done by me till date. I am planning a trip to visit entire India & add more travel-related content on my blog by exploring India. So here in this article, I will be helping you with the things you should always with you when you are on a road trip, to save your time.

Little Road trip accessories that can help you on a road trip:

Paper maps or offline map

If you are planning a road trip with your family members and friends, then the paper maps are the most important and useful things that you should have to keep with you. Because there isn’t cell service available everywhere. That’s the reason that you need to keep paper maps in your car before you go for a road trip. If you don’t want to keep paper maps or all these kinds of stuff with you, then you can also download the map of the specific area on your smartphone for offline use.

The Google Map app allows you to download the map of any specific area that you can also access without having an internet connection. The Google Map is available for both Android or Apple devices, and you can download for free of cost without paying anything.

You can also follow the steps to download Google Map offline on your android smartphone. So that you can even find the address where the Internet is not available.

Spare Cash

For a road trip, you should also keep spare cash with you because cash is still king in all places and it is also required to pay for parking meters and road tolls. So make sure that you have enough spare cash before you go for a road trip.

First Aid kit

It is another most important thing that you should have to pack for a road trip. The basic supplies such as bandages, antiseptic crème, safety pins, Band-Aids, and paracetamol tablets can be invaluable when you are in an emergency condition, and the closest city/town is over 50KM away.

Large Water Cans or Bottles

As you all know that Water is the most important in our life. And it is most important to keep the body hydrated while traveling or on a road trip. Water helps you stay hydrated, as you can live without food for some time but not water.

So make sure that before you go for a road trip, keep large water cans or bottles in your car. If you are on a bike ride, make sure you have a water bottle packed in your bag. These water bottles are most important in an emergency condition so keep a couple of water bottles with you. And also keep some toilet rolls along with you.

You may find free water at any petrol pump, so no need to worry about water but having a bottle to keep water is good way to save money by not spending money on new water bottles.

Flashlight or Torch

If your car’s battery dies due to some reasons, then the portable flashlight or torch can be very useful. That’s the reason that you should have to keep a couple of flashlight or torch in your car for emergency conditions.

The list of comfort kits that you can pack for a road trip. Those are important things to consider when you want to spend a night or planning for a trip for more than 1 day.

Travel Pillow

For comfort, travel pillows are the best option that you can pack before you go for a road trip.


For your road trip, you can also pack a picnic blanket so that you use it for extra warmth if you stranded somewhere in the night time.


While a road trip, you are planning on hiking, then the Sunglasses are the best option, and you can pack for hiking.

Travel Mug

The Travel Mug is another one of the best things that you should have to pack. And travel mugs are also great for hot and cold drinks.

The list of basic needs that you can pack for a road trip

Smartphone charger/USB cord

For travel or on a road trip, keep your smartphone charged is the best thing because stay connected with your friends and family members is safe for you.

You can easily update your family members about your location and your next plan. So make sure that you keep a smartphone charger and USB cord along with you.

Your favorite camera

On a road trip, you can also keep your favorite camera along with you so that you can easily capture every moment of your trip.

If you are a YouTuber, you can record your travel memory and upload it to YouTube. You can even make money from it if you start a Travel YouTube Channel. You can check out a detailed guide on making money while traveling the world from here.

Travel Games

If you are planning a road trip with your family, then the Travel games can be the best way to keep your kids entertained.

Bluetooth/Wireless hands-free kit for your mobile phone

Listening to music on a road trip is the best way to make your road trip ride more enjoyable.

It is safe to use the Bluetooth wireless hands-free kit instead of wired headphones when you are driving on the road. Because it keeps your focus on the road while driving.

Extra Power banks

For a road trip, you can also keep extra power banks to charge your camera, smartphone or any other music device such as iPods, etc. If possible, you can bring a solar power bank with you, so that it will be helpful even when you don’t have anything to charge your power bank.

You can also use the power bank batteries in case of an emergency situation. Enjoy your road trip!

We hope this article about things to pack when planning your first trip has helped you. If you have any suggestions or want to add something to this article, feel free to share your comments below.


  1. Love your tips. I just returned from a trip and found that my battery bank was my most important thing i packed. Especially while sitting in airports! 🙂

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