Pingdom Tools for checking website DNS health

Recently I have setup my website and I wanted to checks its Domain Name System (DNS) configuration, Page load time So I was searching for online tool to check that.I got a website who offered me to check my site monitoring and other infrastructure ,It Measure uptime and downtime accurately.The testing result for DNS of my website says me performance grade for my website is 73/100 & page loading speed is slower than 74% of all tested websites.

Domain Name System(DNS) is vital part of your website in the world wide web(WWW) & it is necessary to check the right configuration of DNS controls.So many website has an issue with downtime just because of improper DNS configuration & it is not an easy task to find the improper setting so the website might helps you to check if your website has been made with proper DNS configuration or not.

Recently Pingdom tools has added DNS health check up tool that will help you to find errors in your DNS settings, and verify that your domain name has been set up correctly.You can also perform full page test for your domain that shows you page load time, performance and all that I did and shown in the screenshots and Ping and Traceroute helps you to check your network response time and network topology by sending and receiving ping packets and shows you if any packets has missed so that you make necessary correction.

Check out DNS Health Test Tool

Check your website’s loading time and proper DNS setting with the DNS health tool and replay in the comment section below if your DNS is properly set up or not.I will look for and tell you for necessary correction if any.Your domain will pass through the 6 different test says : Delegation, Nameserver, Consistency, SOA, Connectivity and DNSSEC.The green icon indicate all is set up well, If any there is any warning it is indicated by amber colored indicator and for major issue, you will see red colored icon.You can check it your self what is wrong with your domain by clicking on advanced view that shows you the problem in details.If any major issue you found the better thing is to contact your hosting provider or domain provider for the issue.

If you find your site loading time is too much and you need to compress scripting pages and unnecessary PHP calling from your WordPress theme you need to do that immediately if you don’t know coding than you may try  PHP Speedy WordPress plugin that will definitely work for you.


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