If you are looking for best alternative to Windows File copier,no need to search anywhere.Just try SuperCopier on your computer. SuperCopier is lightning fast, customizable with file prioritization feature.I have been using this software since long and I become fan of it. Its freeware software allow you to copy files from one source to another source with detailed information. Interesting point is you can see copy list, error log options to check your file copying status.


Supercopier is lightweight application that sits on your taskbar side without interfering your work.All you need to do is just activate supercopier from the files and you have done.Whenever you are copying and pasting anything from one location to another,Supercopier launches automatically and copy files via SuperCopier.

It has unique feature that allows you to prioritize your task and manually delete,add any files while copying nny task from one to another location on your computer or USB stick.By using SuperCopier you can also Accelerate, Pause on demand, and Resume copy-pasting and moving tasks. This is a small software which is FREE and runs in background, takes less than 2 MB in memory.The lightweight application runs in background and notify you when the task finished.

SuperCopier Features:

  • Transfer resuming
  • Copy speed control easily
  • Can copy more than 2GB at once
  • Copy speed computation
  • Better copy progress display
  • Copy list editable while copying
  • Error log
  • Prioritize your copy-pasting task
  • Copy list saving/loading
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You can download SuperCopier @ http://sourceforge.net/projects/supercopier/