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Recently We have posted about how we can increase the comments on our blog.The more comment your blog will have, the more reader will trust on your blog.Your readers and visitors will trust your website if your blog has lots of comments so ultimately they will think that your blog has something important that so many readers are engaged into it.

Subscribe to comments

Subscribe To Comments is the best WordPress plugin that helps your readers or commentators to subscribe to the particular posts comments.They will get notified whenever new response posted on that thread.The subscribed user will get notified via mail that the post has new response and they can also unsubscribe from the comment they subscribed.This way you can also increase pageviews of your blog from returning visitors.

Feature of Subscribe To Comments plugin:

  • User will get more engaged to your blog & you can build community around your blog by encouraging them.
  • You will get more page views from the commentators as they will reach your site via mail.
  • You will have returning visitors & loyal readers.
  • User can easily unsubscribe from the notification.

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