You may have heard from a lot of bloggers that they made $10000 per month & they are making billions of dollars from their skills using affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the online marketing intermediate system that allows blogs & sites owners to make money online from their content. You can start affiliate marketing using your blog, videos, email marketing to make money with what you produce.

Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Guide For BeginnersHere I will share details about how to getting started with affiliate marketing if you are a newbie or have just started blogging & relaying only on Google Adsense earning. If you are just making money with Google Adsense, you should diversify your income from more resources, especially when you are a full-time blogger.

I will highly recommend you to use affiliate marketing along with Google Adsense, as you can even make more than Google Adsense from affiliate marketing, but if you just diving in, use both to get more income that you can reinvest in your blog.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

A simple definition of affiliate marketing is a referral program which helps bloggers & publishers to earn a commission when someone makes a purchase using their referral links.

You may have heard about Google Adsense or CPC network that pays publisher per click, but affiliate marketing model works on CPA (Cost per acquisition) base or CPL (Cost per lead) basis. Means you will get a commission only when someone takes an action by clicking on your affiliate links. It may be in the form of free signup, form submission or a free trial or even a sales of a specific product.

There is very less risk involved for the advertisers, usually affiliate programs offering much higher commission to the publishers. So if we compare Google adsense vs affiliate marketing, you will be able to make more using affiliate marketing as compared to Adsense or any other type of advertisers network.

Affiliate marketing needs a more specified approach to make, you can’t just place irrelevant affiliate banners to your blog to make money online. You should link to or show the affiliate banners that are closely relevant to your blog’s niche to maximize your affiliate sales.

How Affiliate marketing Works

If you still have any questions on how affiliate marketing works, it’s quite simple.

  • Be Affiliate: You are Signing up with affiliate programs in your niche
  • Get Affiliate Links: They approve you & give you unique tracking ID (your affiliate links)
  • Promote Affiliate Links: Place them on your blog post or create a review & place it
  • Drive Traffic: Get traffic to your blog by creating more relevant content
  • Optimize Page for more Conversation: Create design & layout in such a way to get more CTR(click through rate) to your affiliate links or banners
  • User Make Purchase: Not all user will purchase but out of 100, you get 10-15 users purchase or more depending on your page’s layout, content, visual understanding, UX/UI and many more
  • Get Commission: You will get paid online from affiliate programs you are signed up with on monthly or weekly basis depending on terms you signed up with

4 Ways to Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

This was all about getting started with an affiliate program & how to join affiliate networks. Now the real question comes how to make money by promoting affiliate products. There is a number of ways you can promote your affiliate products but here I have listed the best ways below. Check them out!

Make money from Blog

If you own a blog, you know your niche. It may be Fashion, blogging, Lifestyle, Travel or any specific niche that you love to write about.

Niche Selection

If you don’t know how to select good niches that get more traffic & you can make more, you can use this guide to selecting a profitable niche for a blog.

Starting a Blog

Once you select niche, it’s time now to getting started with your blog. If you are new to blogging & planning to start your own blog, you can use this tutorial to create your own blog in less than 20 minutes. I have also created a FREE blogging course which will help you step by step to creating your blog to making money online from your blog. If you want to learn to blog for FREE, you can enter your email address below.

Start Writing

Once you set up everything on your blog, it’s time now to start writing content. Add relevant images, bullet points & proper formatting in your blog post so as it looks good.

If you are making a lot of grammatical mistakes while writing, try Grammarly FREE Chrome & FireFox Extension that helps you suggesting your grammatical errors from your post.


Once you finish writing up & hit your publish button, it’s time now to start with sharing your content on social media. You can use Buffer like social media management apps to automate your social media publishing.

Driving Traffic

Now everything you did to create content, but without traffic, you would not be able to make money from it. So it’s time now to drive traffic to your content. You can also spend money on Facebook Ads & Google Ads but it’s not recommended if you are just starting. Try free ways to drive traffic to your content on your blog.

Make Money from Email Marketing

Next step is to make money from email marketing. I use convertkit to create sales funnel & sending emails to my subscribers. It’s very easy to create an email series and autoresponder setup with convertkit.

To get started with email marketing, you will need subscribers. You can not just use bulk emails extracted from some sources or purchase an email list which is unverified. You should build your email list from your blog & promote your affiliate products from your niches to your email lists too.

So it’s better to start a blog & build an email list in your niches so that you can start making money from your blog as well as from email marketing too.

Make Money from Videos

YouTube is the best way to make money if you are Vlogger. You can create videos in your niches & post it on YouTube. You can make money from YouTube using affiliate marketing, but the best way is to create review videos.

If your YouTube channel is niche specific than it’s plus. Suppose you own a YouTube channel with gadget niches, try reviewing smartphones, gadgets & accessories in your niche. If you don’t have a budget to buy expensive smartphones & accessories, you can ask your friends to give you their devices for review purpose.

Affilite Marketing Guide For Beginners

I am not explaining how to make a YouTube video on this topic, as it’s a long topic. But the ways you can use YouTube to get more affiliate sales from your YouTube video.

After Video Creation

Once you finish your video creating a process, it’s time now to publish video on YouTube. You can steal youtube keywords from the top ranking keywords using this FREE tool that extract keywords used on the specific video.

While creating a video, mention that you can buy this product from the link given in the description. Once you post the video, add your affiliate link in the video’s description.

This way, user check out the review video that you created & if they like it means probably buy with your affiliate link.

It’s very easy to get a YouTube video ranked instead of a blog, but they made their Adsense approval criteria hard so you will need at least 1000 subscribers with 10K minutes of watching time. But you can start affiliate marketing with YouTube instantly.

Social Media

You can even start a free blog on facebook just by creating a Facebook fan page. Likewise for Instagram, Twitter, Google+ to share your affiliate marketing products, but you should not promote only affiliate links. As nobody like affiliate links or only sales page.

Create useful informational content on that platform with awesome social media graphics banner & share your post with your affiliate links. If you want to increase your affiliate marketing income, you should help peoples with your useful content & be an authority in your niche. People will only buy from you if you build trust & relationship with them.

Signup for Affiliate Programs

Any niche can be monetized using affiliate program as there are a number of products in every niche that can be sold via affiliate marketing. Believe me, it’s not to hard to find out the best affiliate programs to make money from your content.

I will recommend you to signup for affiliate programs that fall under your niche & your audience instead of signing up for all of them. Let me summarise some of the best affiliate programs for beginners that you can signup for FREE & start using them.

Affiliate Programs for Blogging

Have a blog on blogging, tech & how to category that explain things to do with your blog? You can signup for so many affiliate programs like email marketing affiliate programs.

Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

Every business needs email marketing, that may be a startup, small business or even commercial business. Where there is customers & readers they always look for email marketing services. After all, you can’t send bulk emails using your Gmail account.

Email service provider helps business & companies to create their email autoresponders & design funnel to get loyal customers from a lead. Here are some of the best email marketing affiliate programs that you can signup for, and promote them to your audience.

List of WordPress Affiliate Programs

You can also promote WordPress themes, WordPress plugins on your blog if your blog is specifically on WordPress niche.

Hosting Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs for Fashion Bloggers

If you are a fashion blogger, you can also signup for ShareaSales like network which has so many fashion products to promote. You can also find Amazon Affiliate network useful which we have discussed below.

Best financial affiliate programs

If your blog is in the finance niche, you can promote credit card offers which you can easily find from a flexoffers network. You can also promote saving accounts, checking accounts, investment offers, credit card offers and many more things with them.

Best travel affiliate programs

If you are blogging in the travel niche, you will be able to find out a lot of opportunities like flight offers, hotel booking, bus booking, train booking. Sometimes you can travel for FREE from some travel agencies & many more offers awaiting you.

Top paying affiliate programs for shopping

Amazon Affiliate

It’s a popular shopping market place to buy anything in one place. It’s so much popular among the bloggers that you can even find a blog that solely depends on Amazon affiliate marketing.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Signing up for an affiliate network is always free but you should learn how to promote the products that get sold. Create an evergreen content that never dies & add your affiliate links the way that has catchy headlines & great call to action.

Best Affiliate Networks


It’s an affiliate network that has a variety of products including shopping, fashion, travel, business, finance, and many more niches.

shareasale affiliate programInstead of signing up for an individual affiliate program, you can start signing up for an affiliate network that has a lot of niches & products at one place. This will be the easiest way to get signed up for more affiliate programs at a single place.


It’s another Affiliate network that has almost so many categories, niches & products that you can promote on your blog.

Flexoffers affiliate program

You will need to apply for this affiliate network and provide your details, they take around 4-5 days to approve you for their network. Before applying to it, make sure you answer all questions professionally & honestly to get approval faster.

If you need help in signing up with this affiliate network, feel free to leave your comment below. I will be happy to help you with the approval process from Flexoffers.


If you are looking for pay per lead, pay per sale affiliate programs, this network is recommended for you. You will be able to find so many ways to monetize your content using banner ads, affiliate links, pay per lead and many more.

PeerFly Affiliate Program

You can also ask your affiliate manager about which products are suitable for your blog that works for other bloggers. He/she will guide you with the best way to promote specific programs on your blog & making more money with affiliate marketing.


Clickbank is a market place that has a wide range of products including weight loss, WordPress, blogging & almost all niches. There are lot more products, plugins you can find on your niche, you just need to check out Clickbank market place from your dashboard & find the relevant product in your niche.Clickbank affiliate program

The ClickBank approval process is very easy & usually, you get instant approval from them. I have signed up for this network since long but seems they updated this page before decades. It really seems outdated, but still, you can make money from it as they really pay when you reach your minimum threshold.

Find out Affiliate program from your competitors

It’s very easy to signup for any specific affiliate program for any niche.

Use Google

You can find out the popular page on your blog that gets the most traffic, find out any products or service that you can recommend from that post. Once you find that, search in Google, “Product/service Name + Affiliate program” & you will find another opportunity to make money.

If you need help with the approval process of any affiliate marketing programs, you may feel free to leave your comments below. I have close working with so many affiliate programs & affiliate managers, so I can help you with the best possible way to getting approved fast.

Use Ads

In whatever niche, just find out the popular blog posts from your blog & search its title in Google. You will see a list of a search results page. We don’t have to check any links, we would want to look for the ads for that specified keywords.

If you see ads for your keywords or for your top posts, you can outreach the company asking that if they have an affiliate program. If they say yes, get signed up for them. If they say no, find their competitor & ask them you want to signup as their affiliate program. Usually, 5 out of 10 websites has an affiliate program or referral program, after all, they want to make money from their service/products right.

Affilitizer Browser Extension

If you want to find out affiliate programs quickly, you can use Affilitizer Chrome Extension Or Firefox Add-on which suggest you if any website has an affiliate program with a direct link to signup with them. So whenever you search for any keyword on Google & if they have an affiliate program, you will see an icon just like below.

affilitizer chrome extension

When you click on that icon, you will see an option as shown in below image. All you need to do is click on the affiliate program link from there & you will be directly taken to the affiliate signup page. Join Affiliate Programs

This is the method I use to join an affiliate marketing network in my niche blogs. You too can use this method to find out affiliate programs to join & apply for them. You can download Affilitizer extension for Firefox & chrome from below links.

Download Affilitizer Extension from here.


Here is everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. Whether you are just starting or at expert level affiliate marketer, all you need is a sale from the products you promote.

If you need any help with affiliate marketing or still have any questions about this topic, please share your thoughts in the comments below & I will be happy to answer you.


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