File Splitter is a freeware program which does not require any installation and can be used to split files to multiple chunks as well as to merge multiple chunks into a single file.This is specially useful incase of we want to send larger size file via email.So the concept is to divide and rule.All we need to do is divide the larger size file into multiple parts and send each portion separately.Now when we receive those multiple parts,joint them together and make one complete file.

Splitting a big file with File Splitter

Whenever we need to splite the file,choose source file from your local drive from your computer and destination folder in which you wish to add splitted files.You can manually set the chunk size from the option there and clicking on split button will split the file into multiple parts we chose.

Suppose we want to split 1 GB movie into 4 parts,so  dividing 1 movie into 256 MB file size.So we will have four movie part of the same movie and send it via email in four parts.

Merging files with File Splitter

Now on receiving the files via email,use the  Filesplitter to join those files.Open the source chunk from local drive and choose the destination file from there.Clicking on join button will join those 256 MB sized movies into one 1GB movie file.

Filesplitter Features:

  • Split any files into multiple files.
  • Join chunks of files into one part.
  • Free to use & no installation required.
  • Split files in custom chunks like bytes,KB,MB & GB etc.

You can Download Filesplitter @