You might have noticed while looking for any information through Google, and going to few blogs or website for specific information. If they take a time to load, you might consider closing the tab and go to another website to find your information. Too many advertisements will also cause decreasing your blog’s load time. Likewise, if you are a blogger and your blog is also taking a time to load, this is time to consider speeding it’s load time.

You can check your blog’s loading time using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool or If you don’t know about page speed, page speed is also being a part of a ranking factor according to . If you are using a heavy theme for your blog, that consumes time to load, you should consider increasing its loading time. Because it may cause your blog’s ranking down in Search Engine Results page.

How to speed up WordPress Blog loading time

Increased page loading speed for WordPress blogI had searched for everywhere about speeding up and boosting WordPress loading time and finally I got the solution.You can use Speed Up WordPress Plugin called as PHP Speedy plugin, so there is not any tech skill required to increase your page loading speed.All you need to do is just install the plugin and activate it.After installing the plugin on your WordPress blog, you can check loading time again for your website.

If you are experiencing your WordPress site Slow, you should uninstall unwanted plugins from your blog and try to minify javascript, page, and CSS that takes a time to load. For that, you can consider installing WordPress cache plugins that automatically Optimize WordPress and improve WordPress Page Speed effectively.

What you need to do after activating this plugin is choose the option to minify javascript, page, and CSS from there.

Spped up WordPress blog with PHP speedyThis is the part of a screenshot of the list to be configured on the plugin.PHP speedy configuration is easy.Just save as it is all and activate the plugin from the menu bar of the plugin as shown in the image here.

Activate PHP speedy from WordPress blogHere I have already activated the plugin so at the top of the menu they are saying Deactivate.If you have already activated they will show you such message and if not, you will have to manually activate it.After activating the plugin just check out your website loading speed it may be improved.

What actually the PHP speedy plugin do??

The plugin is Minifying removes whitespace and other unnecessary characters, If you feeling bore to manually do all this thing by yourself or if you don’t know scripting.It also compresses the javascript, CSS code from your WordPress template and gives more power to load faster your blog.It will work faster if you are using any of the WordPress Cache plugins.

I generally prefer to use W3 Total Cache or  WP Super Cache that are very good option for that. You can also use content distribution network (CDN) like MaxCDN or Cloudflare that are very effective in improving page load time and also helps in saving bandwidth, boost performance and reduce your existing hosting costs.

Here is Few more option that you can consider and helps in improving page loading speed.

  • Speed Up WordPress Website copyChoose Good Hosting Provider(e.g. Bluehost , Hostgator)
  • Using Premium & Fast Loading WordPress Themes (e.g. Thesis or Genesis)
  • Using Effective Cache Plugins (e.g. W3 Total Cache)
  • Optimize Images. Use Plugin like WP-SmushIt
  • Optimize Homepage Loading Time(e.g. Removing Unnecessary Sharing widgets,Show excerpts instead of full posts etc)
  • Optimize WordPress Database. Use  WP-Optimize plugin
  • Add LazyLoad to your images. Install the jQuery Image Lazy Load plugin.
  • Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks
  • Replace PHP with static HTML, when necessary
  • Minify CSS & Javascript files

Here we have covered how to speed up WordPress Load Time in this article, if you are using any other technique to improve your blog’s loading time, feel free to share it here in the comment below.