Soundzabound is the best online site for Royalty Free Unblocked Music database. This site allows you to download MP3 music files that you can use for your college or school projects & presentation. That music by soundzabound is produced and well organized by category. Their collection of royalty free music is pretty vast.

What is Soundzabound

To download free unblocked music for school or college project, you will need to create an artist account at soundzabound website, Once you have successfully created an account there, you will be able to access their vast royalty free music database from their website.


What we like about Soundzabound website is that we can listen to music online before we download them. So that we can make sure we are downloading what we want. This is the best thing that anyone would like to know which is the best music for their school project. You can easily find each music category wise, like oldies, french, loops, commercial, fund, horror, latin and so on. Depending on your school project, you can download that music that fits in a situation.

You can browse music by artist, title, category and likewise. You can also able to listen to music, time duration for music directly from there. Once you like any music, you can click on download MP3 to download that song for FREE to your computer. You can browse music by category, volume, time cut and title as it is well categorized according to user’s requirement.

As per the tag line of this website,” ensure your copyright compliance” it really takes care of that. As it makes music available to everyone. You can use that music for education purpose.

Features of Soundzabound:

  • You can download free royalty free music online
  • listen to music before you download
  • Get copyright free music online for the educational purpose
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You can check out Soundzabound website from here