Want to download free sound clips ? Well, soundbible is the site where you can download free sound effects & sound clips for your projects. You will be able to get numerous free sound effects, popular movie sound and game sound for your project.

SoundBible website allows you to download free sound clips into two formats. Wav and MP3 file format are available for downloading any of those royalty free sound effects and clips for video editors. Mostly those royalty free sound clips can be used for youtube gamers, game designers, and youtube movie creators.

The best thing about this site is you can get best copyright free sound similar to Soundzabound website we discussed in our earlier post.

Soundbible - Download Free Sound Clips

This website is not created with high animation or does not have any professional look. This is only a basic website, but still you can find popular free sound effects like flight sound, fart sounds, rain sounds , dog barking sound, party sound, machine sound and much more.

Below is an example of a sound page, where you can download some free sound effects. An example is about fart sounds page, with license attribution and sound effect name. When you click on listen button, you will be able to listen to it before you download it.

Fart Sounds - Soundbible

To download those fart sounds, you will need to click on mp3, zip or wav format.  According to MakeUseOf website, there was an option to request any royalty free sound previously, but we have checked it and there is no option to request new sound.

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Soundbible Features:

  • Download Royalty free mp3 & wav sound clips.
  • No need to create account to download
  • Search for popular sound clips

Check out Soundbible from here.

If you are using any other site that you think provides free royalty free sound clips, feel free to suggest us from the contact us page.


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