Many times, you have noticed this kind of error while watching YouTube videos on your PC or smartphone. You will see This Video is not available in your Country for some videos that YouTube has blocked to watch from your country. But don’t worry, we will discuss on how to watch YouTube videos that are blocked in your country.

What does it mean by “This Video is not available in your Country.”

“This Video is not available in your Country” that means you can not watch this videos in your Country. Youtube has blocked this specific video for viewers from a particular country. E.g I like to watch WWE shows online, but some WWE shows were restricted to watch from India. Check below methods to watch blocked youtube videos from your country quickly.

Method 1: Using VPN Chrome Or Firefox Extension

Have we found Hola browser Extension?

Hola is the free Chrome browser extension that helps you to access all blocked websites, blocked Youtube videos, and much more. You can browse all blocked websites from your computer by using it. Hola was available on approx all platform like Apple devices, Windows devices, or Smart TVs.

Hola is free and compatible with major internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, the Internet Explorer. It’s able to access all blocked youtube videos that restricted in any country. We have tested it for few videos and seems working fine.

How to get Hola on Google Chrome browser

For Chrome user, Follow these simple instruction to get Hola on Chrome browser:

1: Directly from

  • Open Chrome browser and search for
  • In the Hola website, scroll down and find Chrome Browser icon
  • You have to click on Chrome icon > Redirects you to Chrome website
  • Here you have to click on Add To Chrome button on the top right side of screen
This Video is Not Available in Your Country
how to watch blocked youtube videos in your country
  • After this, it will show your confirmation popup, and you have to click on Add extension button
  • It will download automatically on your Chrome Browser

Likewise, you can download this extension for Firefox browser, for Android, For internet explorer, etc.

2. Directly from Chrome Webstore

  • Open Chrome Browser in you computer
  • Type this in your browser chrome://extensions and hit the enter
  • Now you’re in Chrome Extension page, scroll down and click on “Get More Extensions” link in bottom of the page

Unlimited FREE VPN

  • Now search for “Unlimited Free VPN – Hola” in the Google Chrome Store
  • You can see it as a first result in the Chrome Store

Installing Hola

  • Click on “Add To Chrome” button then click on “Add Extension” button
  • After this, it will download automatically in your Chrome Browser

How to use Hola extension in Chrome Extension

Hola is the free and easy to use VPN for Chrome Browser; anyone can use it easily so follow these simple steps to use Hola on Chrome:

  • Click on the Hola icon on the top right side of browser’s screen
  • Here you have to click on Red power icon to turn it on

How to Use Hola in Google Chrome

  • After turning on it, select the country > Refresh your blocked Youtube video 
  • If still not working and gives you the same error try the different country.

Method 2: Download the Blocked Video to Bypass Restriction

Downloading videos is the final method to bypass this error on your country. After downloading this video, you can watch it in offline mode that means you can see later when you are in offline.

It’s extra black and white when you consider Google’s terms of service for YouTube, which read: “You shall not download any Content unless you see a ‘download’ or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content.” Check this for more information about downloading youtube videos.

 How to download Youtube videos?

Follow these steps to download Youtube videos on your PC or computer.

  • Open in Chrome browser
  • Now copy the URL of Blocked Youtube Video


  • In the keepvid page and paste it into the download box
  • Then click on the “Download” button


  • Here you can see all available video format and choose any one you want to save on your computer

Method 3: You can also try this method to download directly blocked Youtube videos on your PC or computer.

  • Open blocked Video that you want to download on computer


  • You have to remove the “https://www.” from the link and insert “ss” word before


  • Now copy and paste it into the search bar and hit the Enter
  • Here you can see all available video format, choose any one

We hope you have liked this tutorial about viewing blocked youtube video.


  1. I have a lot of old TV progs in 4:3 but want to convert them to watch on my widescreen TV so convert them into 16:9. But I STILL get black on either side of the video. What am I doing wrong please?

  2. I have faced this issue quite often. The above mentioned solution looks really good. Extremely useful tips for any person who enjoys watching videos. Thanks for sharing these useful tips.

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